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Happiness Joint (Mifgash Osher)

By Natalie,May 28, 2015

Happiness Joint (Mifgash Osher)

Childhood friends from Haifa, Omri Kravitz and Bentzi Arbel, joke that they conceptually founded their restaurant in 1991. Bentzi told us “falafel places claim they’ve been open since the 1600’s. As if- ‘there were no streets, only dirt, but we were here!’”. This air of light-heartedness and comedy is central to the Happiness Joint’s concept.

The menu reflects a similar individualistic style, as though Bentzi and Omri have ignored Israeli convention and focused simply on what tastes good. They prepare their falafel without coriander, resulting in a golden-yellow fried ball of goodness. Another delight you’ll find here is the Sabich salad (35 NIS). A perfect solution for those uncountable times you’re really keen on a sabich but not as keen on the carbs. This salad is all you could ask for and more: four falafel balls, thinly sliced cabbage, tomato mixed with bulgur, soft cooked chickpeas in Indian curry, brown Sephardic style hard boiled eggs, and sliced fried eggplant. This multicultural fest-in-a-plate is then drizzled with tahini and garnished with little smear of rich labaneh cheese. Also on the menu are the cleverly-named ‘sabitata’ (19 NIS) which is sabich with sweet potato, and ‘sabilafel’ (23 NIS), sabich and falafel in one!

Sabich Salad 35 NIS

Location and details:

King George St 105
Tel Aviv
+972 54 428 9765

Opening times:
Saturday-Thursday: 10:30-20:00
Friday: 10:30-15:30

Price range: 10-40 NIS