Last updated January 25th 2016

I’ve always wanted to do an outfit post for the blog in a video and this one came about kind of spontaneously. My friend photographer Gaul got some new equipment for his camera and he wanted to try it out so he called me up. We headed over to the beach and I was so worried by 4pm it was going to get dark by the time he finished setting it all up. We shot it right at the sunset and it was my first time every shooting a video like this so I had no idea what I was doing! He just told me to walk so I tried to do it without looking at the camera but I felt so silly. Once I got the footage back and it was time to edit, I was horrified at what came out. I thought the outfit looked weird and my hair looked terrible. But I think the first time you see yourself in any kind of new media it seems strange. I quickly realized though, once I started editing, that the beauty in film is that you can only take the good parts of the footage and leave the bad ones out, lol :) I also learned how to edit a short music video with the cuts of the shots to the music and once you get the hang of it its really fun! In the video, the t-shirt that I’m wearing is from Shos People, (link here). Its a local designer here in Tel Aviv that makes graphic print tees that each have a meaning behind them. Make sure to check out their Facebook page and hope you liked the video! Don’t forget to leave me a comment below:)

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