Last updated July 20th 2014

In most corners of the world, silence is golden; in Israel, silence is deceptive.

For those of you living outside of Israel, you might not realize that the terror has not ceased here. Long gone (Thank G-d) are the days of the suicide bombings, but Palestinian terrorists still try to perpetrate attacks against Israeli citizens on a daily basis. You only don’t hear of them because of the combination of Israel’s deterrence, highly sophisticated intelligence, and smarts of Israeli citizens.

Just a week ago a terrorist planted a large bomb (5 kilograms) on a bus heading from Tel Aviv to Bat Yam just south of the city. A passenger on the bus noticed a bag in the back of the bus that didn’t belong to anyone so he alerted the driver. The driver quickly pulled over the bus and ordered the 12 passengers off. Literally 3 minutes later, the bomb (which had been planted inside of the bag) exploded. The wreckage can be seen in this Haaretz news story:

Had it not been for the smarts of the passenger and the bus driver, a great tragedy could have occurred.

During the past week, rockets were also fired from Gaza and a police officer on duty was stabbed in the back in Jerusalem and miraculously escaped serious harm. The below is a picture created by Kim Milrell, which was posted on Facebook describing the situation:

The last sentence of this image is quite telling and addresses what I have discussed at the beginning of this blog post. The truth is that there are threats against Israel each and every day, multiple times a day, but the outside world only seems to focus on the conflict here when Israel is retaliating against such attacks.

The security situation here to be honest is scary. When I first moved to Israel many people asked if I was afraid to move, and I always remarked to them that Memphis (where I was born) is usually in the Top 5 for the highest murder rate in the United States so I will probably be safer in Israel. My thoughts to this day are still the same.

Israel has a wonderful, dedicated intelligence community and brave, observant citizens, which prevent a multitude of attacks.

Am I sometimes afraid? Yes, but to paraphrase the passenger who noticed the bomb on the bus – This is my country.