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Dreaming of Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon and then a quick jump to Prague? Israeli startup RoutePerfect makes planning your adventure easier than a choice between a buttery croissant and a chocolate-covered churro.

RoutePerfect’s free website features a simple, user-friendly platform that lets you decide what you’d like to do on your vacation – primarily in Europe. From historic landmarks to fun beaches, Israeli startup RoutePerfect can help you personalize your trip, while matching the type of trip to your interests, your travel partners, and even your budget.

Want more beaches? Yes, please. Less camping? No problem. You can adjust almost every aspect of your trip using an online “equalizer” on the company’s website.

“It all starts with our algorithm,” founder Boaz Lantsman tells NoCamels. “It allows the user total flexibility in their planning – so that each user can create their own, very unique itinerary.”

RoutePerfect also allows you to check how much the trip would cost when you finish planning – and even order the hotels directly. The online, multiple destination trip-planning service, which was founded in 2013, is now available in 90 countries around the world.

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Iceland by RoutePerfect


Lantsman founded the startup after trying to plan a family trip across several European countries – and finding the process amazingly frustrating, since there we so many resources to take into account – all in different places. An entrepreneur at heart, Lantsman quickly found that he was not the only one frustrated by the difficulty of traditional travel sites and books. He gathered a team, started brainstorming – and the rest is history.

“The travel agent of our generation”

“30 years ago, our parents would go to their travel agent, ping pong some ideas on destinations, based on their interests and what they want to see on their trip, and then this ‘travel expert’ would build the trip for them,” Lantsman tells NoCamels. “Nowadays, we’re dealing with the revolution of the internet, and online travel planning is changing the traveling culture entirely. That’s where we come in. We strive to be the travel agent of our generation.”

With a research and development center in Tel Aviv, as well as offices in London and Miami, the small startup of 17 employees says it has 3 million users. The company has so far raised $4 million from investors, including Cyrus Angel Fund, Elevator Fund, AltaIR Capital, entrepreneur Yanki Margalit and businessman Leon Recanati, according to Startup Nation Central.

Its business model is simple – the site is free for use, as is almost every trip planning site; RoutePerfect gets a percentage of the booking from the hotels. It claims to have earned millions of dollars already, although this claim is unverified.

While the website doesn’t offer flights, RoutePerfect works with over 300,000 hotels, and can offer significant discounts, according to Lantsman.

Sorrento Italy by

Sorrento, Italy

RoutePerfect has some major competitors, include Inspirock and Tripcreator, which feature a slicker design overall, compared to RoutePerfect’s cartoon-esque homepage. And, while RoutePerfect is flexible, interactive, intuitive and user-friendly, it is not as striking as its competitors, and still far from renowned names like Lonely Planet, which has a breathtaking website.

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However, on, users can book their hotel directly from the site. And its mobile app is currently in the making.

RoutePerfect tourists viewing mountains

In the meantime, visitors to RoutePerfect’s website can read about top itineraries, including a romantic trip to Rome, Florence and Venice, or a family trip to small Danish towns.

So, are you ready to plan your next adventure yet?

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