A slick new electronic cocktail shaker will soon make throwing cocktail parties much easier: Israeli company SodaStream, known for its carbonated drink-making machines, is launching a new alcoholic beverage maker called SodaStream MIX.

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Designed by renowned Swiss designer Yves Béhar, who has worked with General Electric, Prada and Samsung – SodaStream MIX has a slick touch screen that allows you to whip up almost any popular alcoholic drink. After selecting a type of alcohol (gin, vodka, etc.), you choose a recipe from SodaStream’s “cloud” via a mobile application. Then, you add your favorite flavor and your MIX will carbonate it. Three minutes later and Voila!, your Whiskey Sour is ready to be sipped.

Cocktail bar: A surprising new use for IoT
How does it work? Well, the MIX device is connected to the cloud where it stores recipes on how to make the perfect vodka cranberry and Apple Martini. Users can browse various recipes and add them to the device, which makes MIX a part of the much-hyped Internet of Things movement. The company plans to expand its beverage offerings based on community input from the app and could even allow users to create their own recipes to share with others.

MIX is a decisive step into a new market for SodaStream, whose sales have dwindled by almost 24 percent last year to $126 million. Following a tough couple of years starting with a Soda Stream campaign that featured Scarlett Johansson and which led pro-Palestinian groups to call for boycotts of SodaStream, the company seems to be looking to reinvent its branding with this slick new product.


A new, bubbly world of alchemy

While SodaStream’s soft drinks used to market its products to families, MIX represents SodaStream’s desire to target a new demographic: adults. “MIX opens the door for a new category of beverages, with a connected kitchen appliance unlike anything in existence,” Béhar said in a statement. “The machine puts innovation in your hands, and lets you share your creations with the world. Because, in the end, who wants a gin and tonic when there is new alchemy opening new tasty worlds?”

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SodaStream recently unveiled MIX in Milan, but it has yet to release an exact launch date or price. In any case, MIX could very well prove to be a smart move for a company hoping to attract a more mature population. Cheers!

SodaStream MIX

Photos and videos: SodaStream MIX, Alpha du centaure

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