Last updated January 13th 2016

Can’t sleep because your partner snores at night? Israeli startup Silent Partner has created a new device that could significantly reduce snoring noise.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 37 million Americans, both male and female, snore on a regular basis. Now imagine your partner is one of them and it’s 2:30 AM. Instead of getting frustrated and even angry, you will soon be able to use a small, horseshoe-shaped device to take away the noise.

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Silent Partner has developed a lightweight and compact wearable device worn on your face, near your nose. It quiets the snoring noise by creating a “silent zone” around the person wearing it, giving their partner a better night’s sleep.

The device uses the previously developed Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology to muffle the sound of snoring before it spreads. To this existing technology, Silent Partner developers have added an innovative “sub-wavelength active noise cancellation” technique, which creates a more accurate noise-reduction zone around the snoring person, the company claims. The device starts at $59, and its battery is designed to last all night, according to Silent Partner.

This novel technology is based on the phenomenon of destructive interference, where sound waves of opposite amplitudes cancel each other out, resulting in a much lower sound. In other words, Silent Partner does not eradicate snoring; rather, it simply subdues the noise.

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Unlike many other anti-snoring technologies, Silent Partner focuses on the noise rather than on the underlying medical issues that contribute to snoring. Other devices use positioning strategies to counter snoring. For example, competitor Nora detects snoring noises and then changes the position of your pillow to relieve snoring.

“Helping millions of people get a good night’s sleep”

Evidently, the crowds are fascinated with Silent Partner. The startup recently raised $262,548 during a one-month campaign on crowd-funding platform Indiegogo – more than six times its initial goal of $40,000.

This simple-to-use “smart patch” has been received with praise on Indiegogo, as it solves a universal problem that could cause tension between partners. American-Israeli entrepreneur Bob Rosenschein projects that Silent Partner is “going to help millions of people get a good night’s sleep,” according to Indiegogo.

Commenting on the significant demand for Silent Partner, co-founder Netanel Eyal tells No Camels: “We feel lucky that we can help a lot of people.”

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Last year, Eyal and co-founder Yoni Bazak (who met at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) started developing the idea for Silent Partner. Designed in Israel and manufactured in China, Silent Partner is expected to be ready for shipping in November 2016.

Here’s to quieter nights!

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