Since the newest addition to the Apple family, the Apple Smart Watch, was announced by company CEO Tim Cook in September, gadget geeks and fans around the world have patiently waited for this week to arrive. Now available for pre-ordering on the Apple website, the Apple Watch is (in Apple’s words) “an incredibly accurate timepiece, an intimate and immediate communication device and groundbreaking health and fitness companion.” The square smartwatch that tells you everything from the time, to the weather, and allows you to answer calls is also “highly customizable” according to the company, with one of the first apps available on the smartwatch being the Israel- created personal organizer 24me.


Ready for use after the Apple Watch general release on April 24th, 24me’s smart personal assistant application will give you access to your calendar, to-do lists and personal accounts at the comfort of your wrist. The Android and Apple application, which was voted among the best apps of 2014 in Apple’s IStore, allows its users to better organize their tasks, calendar dates and accounts in one user-friendly planning app. And although Apple has touted the watch as a revolutionary fitness gadget, apps like 24me that allow you to gift friends and pay your bills on the go are helping make the Apple Watch a handy financial tool too.

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24me isn’t the only source of Israeli pride being made available for the Apple Watch. Israeli-created email app TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) will release an Apple Watch version of its shortened email application, as well the momentarily viral messaging app Yo!, and Glide, a video messaging app with over 10 million US users. It seems that the latter two apps may have timed the release of their shortened messaging platforms for the release of Apple’s first piece of wearable technology. That said more complex applications like 24me, which allow users to carry out a number of different tasks in one application, had to change the appearance and function of their app in time for the Apple Watch release.

Looking forward, those apps that are able to take the simplified format of the Apple Watch and run with it will be then smartwatch victors, which is good news for 24me’s early app release amidst a plethora of efficiency and organization app choices. Most tech specs suggest that the bulk of the 20 Apple Watch models will sell out in the pre-order phase, meaning there won’t be many watches available for purchase in-store on April 24th, unless you plan on buying the 18-karat gold watch worth $10,000-$17,000.

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