Last updated March 13th 2016

Admit it. You too are among those who regularly whip out your smartphones at upscale restaurants to capture some Instagram-ready pics before you’ve even smelled the food. If you haven’t, hats off. But either way, this guilty pleasure seems here to stay. Now this newest form of “art” has been taken to a whole new level by some of the most esteemed Israeli chefs and artists.

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Project Foodography, recently launched in Tel Aviv by Carmel Winery and upscale Catit Restaurant, offers a fresh new artistic experience for epicures. Using plates especially designed by Israeli artist Adi Nissani to mount a smartphone, diners can now effortlessly take beautiful pictures of the finest dishes prepared by world-famous Israeli chef Meir Adoni of Catit. Those “3D” plates were designed with the guidance of Israeli photographer Dan Perez to perfectly capture the colors and textures of each dish. No more greasy fingerprints on your precious iPhone!


So, when Adoni serves up his famous butter-poached shrimp with white asparagus, or his roasted apricots infused with lime and vanilla, guests can rotate the plates to capture cool videos, or position them to take breathtaking still-life photographs of some of the most exceptional culinary creations, often served with edible flowers, a Catit signature.

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To participate in Catit’s special dinner event – which offers both a delightful meal and a photography workshop – diners must shed roughly $160. So, prop up your phones and make your meals Instagram-worthy!

Photos and video: Dan Perez, Carmel Winery, Catit Restaurant, Adi Nissani, BBR


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