Open House Tel Aviv, a city-wide event taking place May 18-20, will give the public a one-of-its-kind opportunity to visit some of the most extraordinary houses and buildings in Tel Aviv, Israel, which is known for its Bauhaus style.

As in previous years, Open House Tel Aviv will showcase dozens of interesting homes, unique apartments and public buildings, all distinct in their architectural design. Dozens of walking tours will be offered throughout the city, free of charge.

“An urban festival”

The weekend-long event is “an urban festival celebrating unique houses that will open their doors, offering a glimpse into intriguing designs, lifestyles, history, culture, technology and ecology,” according to the City of Tel Aviv.

Rabin Square, Tel Aviv

Open House Tel Aviv, which started in 2007, was inspired by the Open Houses held in London, New York and other major cities around the globe. Tel Aviv, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO thanks to its concentration of buildings designed in the International Style, possesses both unique architectural qualities and spirited urban energy.

This annual event held in several cities around the world provides “exposure to scores of young architects and designers whose projects are characterized by original thinking, innovative use of raw materials and/or a commitment to preserving the environment,” according to Open House Worldwide, the umbrella organization that collaborates on the event with the City of Tel Aviv.

With roughly 130 open houses, tours and other related activities, this three-day event will feature some of the most stunning spaces in Tel Aviv. NoCamels highlights five of the most exquisite houses that are opening their doors  to the public for this exclusive event:

Kedumim Square, Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv-Yafo

The Arches House

Situated in an 18th century space, the Arches House features concave ceilings and sandstone arches, as well as a view of the Jaffa Port and the Mediterranean Sea. It recently underwent extensive renovations and redesign, by Israel architect Pitsou Kedem, who turned the ancient space into “a modern, meticulously planned and indulging apartment,” according to the organizers of Open House.

The apartment features a smart kitchen that disappears behind latticed doors, a bedroom with a glass window overlooking the sea, and an unusual bath area.

16 Kedumim Square, Tel Aviv-Yafo. 

The CityTree Ecological Apartment

The CityTree ecological house, located in a spacious Bauhaus apartment, is home to 4-8 people throughout the year, who live in the apartment and grow veggies and fruits as part of a eco-community. They reuse grey-water, make compost and lead a communal life, while looking for alternatives to the traditional social and economic structures.

Activities will include harvesting tours of the garden and a glimpse into the apartment.

May 18, 10 a.m. through 5:30 pm; May 19 10 a.m. through 1:30 pm; May 20, 11 am. through 5 p.m. 25 Bialik St., Bialik Square, Tel Aviv. 

Hila Motil’s Apartment

Designer Hila Motil revamped her residence from top to bottom, and remodeled it to meet the needs of her young family. She creatively maximized the utilization of storage spaces and created a space for a home-based business.

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The apartment is designed in a European style with wooden floors and wood-framed windows that were imported from Poland, as well as brass furnishings that were purchased abroad.

1 Maharal St., Apt. 1, Tel Aviv, May 19, 10 am through 3 pm; May 20, 10 am through 3 pm. 

The British ambassador’s residence (in the neighboring city Ramat Gan)

Open House will offer a rare opportunity to tour the villa which has served as the residence of the British ambassador since Israel’s establishment. Designed in the 1930s by engineer Pesah Zekled, the house is considered an example of reserved European elegance.

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Numerous works of art hang on the walls, most of which were created by British artists. The tours will include a look at various rooms in the house, including the impressive dining room, parlor, huge kitchen (where meals for dignitaries are prepared), the spacious courtyard, and the pool.

2 Simtat HaMa`alot, Ramat Gan, May 20, 10 a.m. through 1 p.m.

Yossy Goldberg’s apartment

Yossy Goldberg, who owns the Elemento Design House, will be opening his own apartment to visitors. Designed by Goldberg and Anat Esteron in 2015, this typical Tel Aviv apartment underwent extensive renovations inspired by Scandinavian motifs, with originally designed furniture and furnishings.

5 Struck St., Tel Aviv, May 20 11 am through 2 pm.

Photos: Amit Giron and Tal Nissim for Open House Tel Aviv, Pitsu Kedem Architects, Ron Henzel, The City of Tel Aviv, Gady Munz for Pikiwiki

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