Last updated October 21st 2018

Israeli startup Vayavision announced this week that it raised $8 million in a seed funding round led by Viola Ventures, OurCrowd, and MizMaa Ventures, with participation from LG Electronics, and Mitsubishi UFJ Capital.

The company, founded in 2016 by entrepreneur Ronny Cohen and Dr. Youval Nehmadi, combines raw data fusion, AI and machine vision to build a platform that gives a complete environmental model
outside a vehicle using a system of sensor technologies – LiDAR, radar, and camera – for autonomous vehicles.

“Most current generation autonomous driving solutions are based on ‘Object Fusion’ architecture, in which each sensor registers an independent object, and then must reconcile which data is correct,” Nehmadi said in a statement. “This provides inaccurate detections and results in a high rate of false alarms. The industry has recognized that to reach the required levels of safety, more advanced perception paradigms are needed – such as raw data fusion.”