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A fashion design graduate from Israel has got the 3D printing and fashion worlds buzzing. Danit Peleg, who recently graduated from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Holon, created the world’s first entirely 3D printed fashion collection for her final project.

“My goal was to create a ready-to-wear collection printed entirely at home using printers that anyone can get,” says Peleg of her project that took some 2,000 hours to print. The collection is made up of five 3D printed outfits and shoes printed on Witbox home 3D printers.

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Freedom to print your own clothes

Inspired by Eugène Delacroix’s painting, “Liberty Leading the People”, Peleg wanted to challenge herself in creating a collection that could be manufactured entirely on home-scale 3D printers. The triangular shapes in Delacroix’s painting got her thinking about materials that would be comfortable to wear and easy to print.danitpelegtopskirt

Using a 3D rendering software called ‘Blender’, as well as advice from leading 3D printing experts at TechFactoryPlus and XLN in Israel, Peleg started imagining how the world’s first home 3D printed fashion collection would look. She started off using PLA, a breakable and hard material, only to discover that FilaFlex, a new kind of 3D printing filament, would give her the flexibility and precision she needed.


Peleg’s inspiration board

A tedious process that needs tweaking

The first piece that she printed was the red ‘Liberté’ jacket, a stylish ode to the painting that inspired her triangular, interwoven fabrics. In creating the textiles, Peleg was inspired by Andreas Bastian’s bendable 3D printed mesostructured material that would allow the fabric to breathe and move as if it was woven. This tedious printing method made it so that each piece Peleg wanted to print took about 400 hours (or 17 days) to complete, a challenge that Peleg hopes 3D printing innovation will solve in the future.

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“I think that this is just the beginning,” says Peleg of her collection, “As technologies evolve, we all soon be printing our clothes at home.” Though the proposition seems far off, especially with the expense of domestic-sized 3D printers running high, it’s pretty cool to think that one day we may be able to print our wardrobe at the press of a button.

“Just imagine the potential…If you’re cold, print your own jacket. Traveling with no luggage? Just print your clothes in the hotel room. Will we soon be able to design, share and print our own clothes directly from home?” Peleg leaves us all wondering.


Peleg’s 3D printed fabric


Photos: Daria Ratiner

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