Last updated November 4th 2018

Israeli diabetes prediction and prevention platform Sweetch, the first AI-powered therapeutics solution to help people with the disorder, announced this week it will partner with US-based integrated health care system WellSpan Health.

In the first phase of the partnership, the Israeli company’s mobile health app will be provided to 15,000 employees at WellSpan Health, including 200 primary care and specialty physicians, as well as advanced practice clinicians in central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland. The tool offered to employees comes with a mobile app and a wireless Bluetooth-connected scale.

The digital diabetes healthcare platform quantifies personal diabetes risk enabling early prevention, the company said in a statement. Its mobile health app also digitally scales monitors through Bluetooth and analyzes the user’s digital bio-markers in order to prevent the disorder. This means it could recommend a five-minute walk in the middle of the day or a short nap based on the user’s personal, environmental, and behavioral lifestyle.

“This is the tool we have been looking for to augment our wellness assessment program,” said Charles Chodroff, MD and WellSpan Health’s senior vice president, population health and chief clinical officer. “We have been leaders in developing effective wellness programs for our employees and the local business community for many years and have been providing detailed personalized assessments identifying chronic disease risk factors. This new smartphone platform will take our program to the next level, by helping to target those individuals who are at the greatest risk by giving them a super-personalized tool, which automatically adapts to each individual’s life habits.”