It’s a beautiful day in Tel Aviv, you’re on the beach soaking up the sun, and everything is perfect – except, you’re a little hungry, and the restaurants and cafes in the area are crowded and expensive.

Israeli startup Mishlohof wants to make sure your beach paradise isn’t disrupted: the company has developed a mobile app through which you can order food and drink deliveries, as well as other beach supplies – without ever leaving the comfort of your beach blanket.

A Tel Aviv beach - By Ron Shoshani:

A Tel Aviv beach

Founded in 2016 by CEO Bar Reuven, along with CTO Dan Goldberg and COO Eli Fishel, Mishlohof – which fuses the Hebrew words for delivery and beach – says it delivers ice-cream, fruits and beer within 30 minutes of the order on the app, which uses GPS detection to identify your exact location on the beach. Then, a delivery person riding an electric sand bike, will bring your food straight to your spot on the beach.

The idea for Mishlohof came up when Reuven was touring Brazil, where he saw vendors bringing food to people on the beach.

mishlohof - food delivery to the beach

Snack attack? Food is only a few clicks away

The app is intuitive to use and speaks English, French and Hebrew. It can be downloaded from the Google Play and Apple App stores for free. Welcoming you with an animation of rippling water, the app lets you type in the item you want (or select from a list of suggested snacks), choose your desired quantity, input a payment method, and simply click the order button. You can pay with a credit card, PayPal, or cash, making it a viable option for tourists visiting Israel.

A container of watermelon on the app costs 25 shekels, in comparison to a price of around 36 shekels at beachfront vendors. Mishlohof’s beer costs 16 shekels, while other vendors sell it for 23-38 shekels. Of course, bringing your own beer (or food) is always the cheapest option, as a six-pack costs 30-40 shekels (roughly 6 shekels per bottle) in the supermarket.

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After the app displays a map to confirm your exact location on the beach, the delivery comes in a cooler to keep the produce cold, and even includes a garbage bag to make sure you leave the beach pristine when you leave! While the variety of items on the app is currently limited, the diversity of offerings is likely to increase as the startup continues to grow.

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Since the startup was founded a year ago, the app has been launched in Tel Aviv, Rishon LeZion and Eilat – all beach towns in Israel. The app has been downloaded by 20,000 users, and thousands of people use the app every month, Reuven tells NoCamels. “We need to teach people a different way to buy things at the beach, to hang out at the beach,” he says.

Mishlohof is currently working with big brands such as Coca Cola and Unilever to provide products at beaches. The startup is also running a promotional campaign in partnership with eBay.

mishlohof - food delivery to the beach

“It’s always summertime somewhere on the other side of the globe”

Mishlohof is looking to expand to beaches outside of Israel under the international name TaPlaya by next summer. Reuven is eyeing Cannes and Nice in the French Riviera, São Paulo in Brazil, and Cyprus.

Successfully establishing a global reach will help the startup avoid seasonal drop-offs. “It is always summertime somewhere on the other side of the globe,” Reuven says. While he has a plan for winter in Tel Aviv (delivering products like beer to parks, for example), being able to work at beaches year-round will make the startup much more sustainable.

So, next time you’re on the beach, kick back, relax, and let Mishlohof do the rest.


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