Last updated May 15th 2017

Fire extinguishers are important safety equipment to have in any building, but in order to put out a fire with it, you’d actually have to walk directly towards the blaze. Probably not what your instinct would tell you to do.

That’s why one man invented an alternative, the Fire Ball. Yes, you read that correctly. The Elide Fire Ball claims it is full of chemicals to extinguish all class A, B, C, and E fires.

How does it work? Just throw the ball into the fire and head the other way, not unlike an Olympian tossing a mighty shot put.

Throw, count to three, and poof!

Once thrown into the blaze, the ball activates in three seconds. In addition to being an extinguisher, it also doubles as a fire alarm. When detects a fire, the ball emits a loud noise.

The ball itself weighs a little over three pounds (1.5 kg), meaning that it’s compact enough to be thrown (as opposed to being carried and then squeezed) by anyone. The company website explains that despite the giant cloud of smoke it gives off, the product is non-toxic to the environment and is made from human and environmentally friendly materials.

Like blowing out a candle

In 1997, Phanawatnan Kaimart, a Thai scientist was inspired to create a new way of combatting localised fires which would be both safe and easy to use: the Elide Fire Ball. The popularity of the Elide Fire Ball has since spread around the globe, and has been tested in many countries, includinging Israel. In fact, the head of Australian operations for the product is an Israeli.

“What it does is just push the oxygen away from the fire,” Zack Anidam, the former Israeli commando who is the CEO of Elide Fire Ball Australia, explained in an interview on Australian TV’s Today Tonight program. “So it’s like a candle. When you blow on a lit candle, you’re just pushing the oxygen away from the fire.”

The Elide Fire Ball won’t randomly blow up on its own, (even when thrown with force) as it only activates at certain temperature levels when it comes in contact with an open flame. If a fire occurs and no one is present, the ball will self-activate when it comes into contact with the flames. Because of this feature, the company website recommends installing the Fire Ball mount near higher risk areas such as kitchens, electrical circuit breakers, overloaded outlets or fireplaces. The company is also experimenting with having drones carry and drop fire balls in hard-to-reach fires.

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A great supplement to fire extinguishers

According to Anidam, one Elide Fire Ball costs $149 AUS (around $110 USD).

“It’s 100% safe and durable,” Anidam tells NoCamels. “You can put out a fire very easily with just one ball. However, you might need to use a couple fire balls for a bigger fire,” he adds.

Anidam doesn’t proclaim that his product is a replacement for fire extinguishers, but rather an excellent supplement to them.

“It’s always recommended to have a few fire fighting products to fight fire,” he says.

If it saves just one person…

If one Elide Fire Ball saves just one person, Anidam is satisfied.

“You save one person, you’re saving all the world,” Anidam, paraphrasing a Talmudic saying, told Australian TV.

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