You find yourself in some beautiful, remote location with the perfect selfie conditions, but your arm just isn’t long enough and you don’t have your precious selfie stick! If you’ve ever experienced that moment of utter frustration, the Gekkopod could be the answer to your selfie predicament.

A flexible mount for smartphones, cameras and GoPro devices, the Israeli-invented Gekkopod, much like a real gecko, can latch on to a tree branch or a random stick to become your own well-positioned photographer. In addition, the Gekkopod can be made to stand alone as a small, flexible tripod with mounts for any device.

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The Gekkopod is designed with what it calls “non-slip dots” that help its five little silicon legs grab onto any surface, from a kayak paddle to a desk top computer screen. Each of the five legs is flexible and at the center of the mount there is a standard screw to attach cameras. For smartphones and GoPro cameras, users need to buy special adapter pieces, and if you want the mount to be flexible, you’ll need to purchase the Ballhead accessory that allows for full 360 degree turning of the camera.

Putting geckos to work

Boaz Zucker, the Israeli behind another interesting smartphone invention called Sticko, tells of his newest gimmick: “I am a photography enthusiast, I have owned many types of tripods and mounts for my cameras and smartphones, but none of them gave me the flexibility that I was searching for. My mini tripods are bulky and difficult to set up, and none of them were portable enough to take with me when I was out traveling or hanging with friends.” A graduate of the Holon Institute of Technology in industrial design, Boaz joined his partner Gal in making his dream of a portable, flexible and light-weight tripod a reality through their shared company Zuckerim Inc.


Currently, Gekkopod’s Kickstarter crowdfunding bid is faring well, with the team raising $47,337 so far, well above its initial $15,000 funding goal, with 31 days still to go. The early bird specials on the Gekkopod are already sold out, but funders can still purchase a GoPro/mobile pod for $16 or a cool glow-in-the-dark limited addition of the Gekkopod for $19. The pod is available in three colors: purple, green and black and if the company reaches its stretch goals, it will also be made available in camouflage.

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Initial shipments of the Gekkopod are currently scheduled for October 2015, but this date may be pushed back as excitement around the device continues to build. After all, this is the kind of fun product that many users, if not the entire selfie generation, are in need of.

Photos: Kickstarter


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