goforisraelJune 6, 2018 | Chinese investors met Israeli startup entrepreneurs at the GoForIsrael 2018 conference in Foshan, China where over 1200 attendees, including 500 Chinese investors and 100 startup entrepreneurs, observed panel discussions and participated in over 800 one-on-one meetings last month, according to the the Cukierman & Co Investment House, who initiated the confab along with The Catalyst CEL Fund, one of the most important financial areas in China. The Chinese investors at the event included senior executives from companies such as Alibaba, GF Securities, and Ping An, the largest insurance and finance company in China. The conference presented the best of Israeli innovation in areas such as artificial intelligence, IT, life sciences, cyber, energy, advanced production, telecom, automotive technologies and more. Israeli companies exhibiting at the event and  presenting their technologies to Chinese investors include Trax, Orbotech, HearMeOut, Curalife, Lamina, and others. The GoForIsrael conference has been one of the most influential business conferences in Israel for over 20 years, addressing current issues in fundraising and establishing strategic alliances globally between Israeli companies, businesses, and financial institutions. This is the first time the event is held in Foshan and the second time outside of Israel. The 16th annual conference took place in Shanghai and Wuhan, China where the event welcomed 2,800 participants.

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