Last updated November 27th 2015

Have you ever gone to the food store and realized, as you were standing in line, that you had forgotten your wallet? Or been on your way to a party and realized that you had forgotten the gift on your kitchen table and the invitation on your nightstand?

Wouldn’t you love to reduce your stress level and save your time by using a new technology that could help streamline your errands – and your life?

With the Flytrex Sky, a new Israeli drone hitting the market in August 2016, you can better manage these day-to-day tasks for $549 – less than the price of the latest iPhone.

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This new delivery drone, available for pre-order through Flytrex Sky’s website, will be able to deliver packages weighing up to one kilogram to destinations within an 11-mile radius, aided by an embedded GPS system with tracking capabilities. With a 32-minute flight range, the drone can be controlled by both the sender and the receiver through the drone’s mobile app; the sender chooses the desired location and launches the drone, and the recipient becomes the “pilot” when the drone nears its destination to ensure the safest possible landing.

Further developing computer vision 

It’s perhaps no surprise that Yariv Bash, who founded Flytrex in 2013, is also the founder of SpaceIL, the only Israeli participant in Google’s space competition, Lunar XPRIZE, in which engineers from around the world are developing affordable spacecraft for future Moon landings.

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Naturally, as with any new technology, there are still kinks in the Flytrex Sky system. The biggest concern is ensuring that the drones are compliant with aviation regulations. Many countries, including Israel, have very strict guidelines regarding where and how drones can be operated, and these rules may make it difficult for potential Flytrex Sky users to operate them.

Another concern is that, at this point, the drone is not yet “smart” enough to identify solid obstacles such as trees, buildings and people in its path. The company is further developing the drone’s computer vision, so that it will ultimately avoid collisions.

Delivery drone market heats up 

Civilian drones have become increasingly popular in the past few years, but what makes the Flytrex Sky unique is that it can carry packages, whereas most drones today are used for photography and surveying purposes. Large tech companies such as Amazon are racing to put out their own delivery drones, but have delayed due to regulatory concerns. Meanwhile, Silicon Valley based startup Matternet is also developing its own commercial delivery drone, priced at $5,000, which has yet to make it to market.

Flytrex claims it’s the only complete drone delivery system available at a fraction of the price of its competitors. It may be too early to predict, but Flytrex Sky may make shipping, as we know it, a thing of the past.

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