Are you and your smartphone inseparable, or, as they say, joined at the hip? If you’re like most people the answer is probably yes. And yet, after all your time spent together, can you say that your phone knows you on a personal level? Or is it just a fancy screen with a bunch of apps and widgets spread out everywhere?

Chances are it’s the latter.

Meet EverythingMe, the launcher app for Android that adds contextual mobile technology to your smartphone. The moment you install the launcher, it automatically begins learning how you use your phone, and without getting too creepy, is able to anticipate what apps and information you need throughout the day, becoming more accurate with time.

EverythingMe’s ‘Super App’ Will Help Your Smartphone Get To Know You Better Than Ever Before

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With its global release this past June, EverythingMe’s innovative contextual technology is already earning its place in the hearts and smartphones of millions of Android users the world over. Joey Simhon, CTO and cofounder of EverythingMe, tells to NoCamels that the startup’s success lies in its real ability to foster a relationship between users and their technology, “The most popular feedback we receive is that people begin to love their phone once they install EverythingMe.”

Bringing more smarts to your smartphone

Here’s how the launcher works. When you turn on your Android, EverythingMe takes into account the time of day, your location, how you use your apps, and other contextual parameters to give you the four apps on your center screen that are most relevant to you.

They are displayed on what is called a ‘Prediction Bar,’ which becomes more accurate every time you use your phone. For example, you may turn on your phone to see news and weather apps in the morning, calendar and social apps during the day, and games and cooking apps in the evening.

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Of course, you are going to want to access your other apps throughout the day, too. EverythingMe automatically sorts all of your apps into ‘Smart Folders’ such as Social, City Guides, Sports, etc., not a big difference from the standard app organizer. However, gone are the days of scratching your head to figure out how to drag apps around and naming categories, because EverythingMe will do it for you based on the app’s content.

According to Simhon, EverythingMe is “the fastest in-phone search on Android. Often one or two letters are enough to bring the right result.” As soon as you begin typing, it searches across the entire phone—installed apps, contacts, songs, etc.—while also providing results from the web, making it a comprehensive search tool.

Launchers are the latest in lazy tech

What inspired the founders to start EverythingMe,  which made “Forbes” list of 25 Hot Israeli Tech Startups, was the realization that many smartphone users simply don’t want their phones to feel like a desktop computer. “Our user testing proved searching for information on phones as if they were desktops simply didn’t work,” said Simhon. “We discovered that users want to be given the right information at the right context, without having to look for it in traditional ways.”

A leader in a growing sector of the app industry

EverythingMe’s ‘Super App’ Will Help Your Smartphone Get To Know You Better Than Ever BeforeAlthough it is a free app in the Google Play store, generating revenue for EverythingMe is actually quite simple according to Simhon. “We provide app discovery and search results, therefore we generate revenue based on the results we present to users,” he said. “The idea is to help users discover the most relevant apps, content and information at exactly the right time, according to their individual preferences,” similar to Taboola and Outbrain, the Israeli content-discovery platforms that are making big bucks by monetizing the ‘You May Also Like’ section of websites.

EverythingMe is one of the top launchers in the young, but growing sector of the app industry. Of course, a major downside of the launcher is that it is not available for the widely popular iOS run iPhone, but hopefully (and EverythingMe didn’t comment on this), such a similar launcher option, be it EverythingMe or not, will be available in the near future.

With millions of downloads in just five months, a staff of 50 committed engineers, $37 million in funding, a global release that went ahead of schedule, and a recent nod from Forbes, they are certainly a startup to watch.

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EverythingMe’s ‘Super App’ Will Help Your Smartphone Get To Know You Better Than Ever Before

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