If one phrase were to capture the nature of viral videos of late, it would be “Animals do the darndest things.” From cats attacking bananas to the unlikely friendships between pets, raising animal awareness on the Internet has never been more popular.

A zookeeper at the Zoological Center in Tel Aviv, Israel is joining the viral craze with a hilarious video documenting the different ways that animals drink water. Elad Hershkowitz captured the unique footage by placing a GoPro camera at the bottom of animals’ water troughs to get a closer look at how giraffes, lions, rhinos and lemurs relieve their parched pallets – providing us with an entertaining way to celebrate Earth Day!

lemur drinkingA lemur lapping it up

Carnivores and herbivores differ in their drinking styles

Filming a total of 30 hours of footage, Hershkowitz got the idea for the video spontaneously, “I had the idea whilst walking around the enclosures and I saw the zebras drinking,” he tells Daily Mail. “It made me curious to see what was going on below so I decided to check how the rest of the animals drink.”

rhinodrinkingCan you guess which animal this is?


In analyzing his footage, Hershkowitz discovered that every animal has its own unique drinking style. “There is a massive difference in how each animal drinks. Carnivores, like lions, drink a lot like domesticated cats and dogs. Herbivores like the rhinos and zebras suck up the water with their lips,” he says. Hershkowitz also noted that the animals were suspicious regarding the object that had been placed at the bottom of their water troughs, with many of them sticking in a hoof or paw to check the status of the water before gulping it up.

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Though Hershkowitz is surrounded by and observes hundreds of animals each day, the hilarious and highly education visual insight into their drinking habits was a whole new experience, “Capturing this footage was really special. It offers a completely unique perspective to anything I’ve ever seen before.”

Photos: Screenshots

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