DLD 2014: All The Best Events At Israel Innovation Week

The DLD Tel Aviv Conference, part of Israel’s Innovation Week, is the largest international high tech gathering held for the fourth consecutive year in the beautiful, bustling startup metropolis of Tel Aviv. The city is the epicenter of the Startup Nation, housing international development centers for big names like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft and home to some of the most successful startups and venture capital investors in the world.

The municipality of Tel Aviv, together with DLD co-chairmen Yossi Vardi and Hubert Burda, invite delegations and guests from nearly 22 countries to join in the festivities, sharing knowledge on the breakthrough sectors of mobile apps. gaming, wearables and cybersecurity. Many of the events are located in and around Tel Aviv’s vibrant Rothschild Boulevard, which features some of the city’s best restaurants and bars, as well as many of Israel’s leading startups and incubators.

What “The Economist” deemed one of the most important meeting points on innovation in Europe, and David Rowan of Wired UK coined the hottest conference in Europe, if you’re keen to be a part of Israel’s tech scene, DLD is the one event you’ll definitely want to attend.

With so many events happening in and around Innovation Week, we’ve compiled a list of the ones that can’t be missed:

DLD 2014: All The Best Events At Israel Innovation Week

DLD Tel Aviv Digital Conference: For the fourth consecutive year, Tel Aviv is hosting Israel’s largest international high tech conference, which hosts thousands of startups, venture capital firms, angel investors and industry insiders. During DLD, all these people come together to form new ideas, partnerships and connections that celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of the Startup Nation. DLD is considered the preeminent of all technology conventions in Israel, making sure a year’s worth of conventions and conferences ends with a bang!

DLD 2014: All The Best Events At Israel Innovation WeekHatachana Compound at night

The main DLD Tel Aviv Digital Conference begins on Tuesday, September 16th at the iconic Tel Aviv location, Hatachana Compound (the old train station). For two days, registered participants will listen to talks by people like the CTO of Amazon, Werner Vogels, CTO of Horizons Ventures Gilad Novik and Marcos Battisti, the Managing Director of Intel Capital. There will be also be dozens of panel discussions as startup presentations at DLD’s Startup Avenue and the Tel Aviv Lab – Makers Innovation Zone.

When: Israel Innovation Week events begin on Sunday, September 13 and continue through Saturday, September 20.
The main DLD 2014 conference runs Tuesday-Wednesday, September 16-17 at Hatachana compound from 09:00-18:00.
DLD’s Tel Aviv Lab – Makers Innovation Zone runs September 16-17 in Hatachana Building 20 from 09:00-17:00.

You can register for the fourth annual DLD conference here: http://dldtelaviv2014.evolero.com/registration/start You will need to have already received a registration code or you can apply for one directly on the website (beware, ticket prices this year con’t come cheap).

GarageGeeks – Meet the Leaders: At this one of a kind networking event organized by GarageGeeks, attendees will get to mingle with prominent speakers from DLD, but also to get to know more about GarageGeeks. The orhanization is an Israeli non-profit that creates physical and virtual space for creative people to network, innovate and build together across a plethora of disciplines. Hopefully attending this event will to give you the means to create something out of the ordinary!

When: Wednesday, September 17
Hatachana Compund
Register here for this free event: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1zMOaDZqI9E6ht8PwccucBB2UPBPO1cd-8lrPpVB36_Y/viewform

4th Annual International Cybersecurity Conference: As the saying goes, when in Israel, do as the Israelis do, and if you know Israelis, you’ll know cybersecurity is their thing. The conference, held at Tel Aviv University, will have big name speakers from the cybersecurity community like Amnon Bar-Lev, President of Check Point Software; Israeli Chief Scientist Avi Hasson and even Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In hour-long panels, the conference will cover every aspect of cybersecurity from “Cyber Innovation”, to “Hacking the Brain”, and even a talk on wearables in the future of cybersecurity.

Sunday, September 14th-15th

Registration at 9:00 on Sunday September 14th (registration required)
Smolarz Auditorium, Tel Aviv University
Register for the event here: http://sectech.tau.ac.il/cyberconference/index.php/conference-registration

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GameIS Game Development Conference: GameIS is the official organization for digital game development in Israel, responsible for promoting Israeli gaming companies at home and aboard. At DLD 2014, GameIS and co-host Softlayer (an IBM company) will host a number of speakers from the gaming industry (whose names have yet to be released), discussing all of the latest technology and business developments in this ever-growing sector. Registration is required in order to attend, but the admission is free.

When: Wednesday, September 17
Hatachana Compound
Register here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/19H7UBtuj-IeO6dUxrxJ8g5QzH4cirVUiQUHPpxRvLTE/viewform

TeenGuru: Israel is well known for its brilliant minds in technology, and some claim it’s because Israelis start learning about tech at a young age. At the TeenGuru event, ten outstanding teenagers between the ages of 11 and 18 will have 3 minutes each to present their research projects in fields like technology, science and arts.

DLD 2014: All The Best Events At Israel Innovation WeekWhen: Sunday, September 13
Ibn Gvirol 71
Registration is required, admission is free. Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/teenguru-wwwteengurucoil-tickets-12825709041?ref=elink 

Arabreneur Angel Pitch Event: At the third annual Arabreneur Angel Pitch Event held in Ramallah, participants will get a chance to meet the leaders of the Palestinian startup community for an interesting and empowering evening. During the event, hosted by Palestinian Prime Minister Dr. Rami Al Hamdallah, Palestinian startups will pitch their companies to angel investors and venture capital firms in the hopes of laying the ground work for another “Startup Nation.” Arabreneur is a venture fund, accelerator, and mentoring program for Palestinian startups sponsored by USAID and supported by DLD co-chairman Yossi Vardi.

DLD 2014: All The Best Events At Israel Innovation WeekWhen: Thursday, September 18
Al-Khuzama, Ramallah
RSVP by sending your information here: info@arabreneur.com
Transportation to Ramallah and back from Tel Aviv will be provided upon request

Get the innovation party started!

DLD 2014: All The Best Events At Israel Innovation WeekSocialize14 Open Tech Party: Before all of the DLD excitement begins, you can get your party on with the best of Tel Aviv’s DJs and TEK music community. On a Saturday night in one of southern Tel Aviv’s hippest “hipster” neighborhoods, you can hear TEK and House DJ Uriah Clapper, together with Electro-Balkan music maker Shira Arad, and world-renowned DJ Manimal at the Papaito Bar. This is a golden opportunity to get the innovation party started!

When: Socialize14’s Open Tech Party will be held on Saturday, September 13th at Papaito Bar, Salame 29, Tel Aviv.
Doors open at 16:00

Socialize14 is open to registered guests. You can register here with your priority code: http://socialize14opentechparty.evolero.com/registration/start

Rothschild Boulevard Urban Happening: After a long day on your feet at DLD, who couldn’t use a drink? And what better place to get to know the in White City than the historic and always exciting Rothschild Boulevard. On this urban promenade full of restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs, DLD will host a number of fun events for registered participants (these are just a few):

DLD 2014: All The Best Events At Israel Innovation WeekRothschild Boulevard at night

Tel Aviv Startup Party: Open to all DLD participants with name tags at one of Rothschild’s most popular bars and musical night spots.
When: Tuesday, September 16
18:00 – Midnight
Rothschild 12
Open to all DLD participants with name tags

Honolulu Breakfast: Have a very late “breakfast” before your night out on the town with American Internet entrepreneur and founder of Vonage and Zula—Jeff Pulver. He’ll sit down with you at another classic Tel Aviv bar and stir up your appetite for more innovation!
When: Tuesday, September 16
Tailor Made, 99 Allenby
Registration through Meetup

Wearable Valley 12min: Wearables are heating up in Israel, so DLD is set to be full of wearable-geared events. This one features eight 12-minute lectures on different and new aspects of wearable technology from the very best in the sector. In one of Tel Aviv’s funky bars, this is a light and informative way to kick off the evening. The event is open to registered guests only, but is free for DLD attendees.
When: Tuesday, September 16
Johnny Who? Rothschild 24
Registration through Meetup

For when you get teched-out:

Utopia Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film: If you have been dying to make it Comicon or Worldcon and just haven’t had a chance, you should check out Israel’s very own International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film—Utopia. Throughout DLD Innovation Week, Utopia will be screening sci-fi and fantasy movies from all around the world. In addition, there will be a number of panels, such as one entitled “Robots in Human Society”, and speakers groups, or “Idea Bazaars,” that will address everything from a future of flying cars to the notion of conquering space. Finally, to top it all off, Utopia will hold its second annual Futurological Congress where it will continue to discuss science, imagination and the future.

DLD 2014: All The Best Events At Israel Innovation WeekWhen: Utopia: The Tel Aviv International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film will occur throughout the week, September 13-20 at a number of venues throughout Tel Aviv-Yafo as a partner of DLD Tel Aviv.

Opening night ceremonies and reception: Saturday, September 13 at 19:30 at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque.
To sign up and purchase tickets for the Utopia events: http://www.cinema.co.il/news/new.aspx?0r9VQ=GEH

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Cracking the Innovation Code: Smart and Sustainable Cities: In one of the many meet-ups at DLD 2014, a panel of experts will address what it means to become a sustainable city of the future. Panel guests include Fernando Ocana, a top creative designer and industrial engineer in Sweden; Eddie Bet-Hazavdi, an expert in energy efficiency and conservation and Gady Shlasky, the CEO of Optibus, a company transforming public transportation. Speaking about Tel Aviv and startup-hub cities around the world, the experts will address their visions for a sustainable urban future as well as questions from guests on the new trends in innovative urbanism.
When: Tuesday, September 16
OTTO Bar, Rothschild 45
Signup through Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/Smart-Cities-Tel-Aviv/events/191169862/

Art*Star Tuesdays – Photographer Itamar Grinberg’s “Naked Sea” Aerial Shots Exhibit: If all of your wandering around Tel Aviv gets you feeling artsy, check out this wonderful art party held at the boutique Brown Hotel. While you sip some wine, enjoy Itamar Grinberg’s aerial photographs of world-famous nude photographer Spencer Tunick’s installation at the Dead Sea. Grinberg was the only person authorized to photograph the installation three years ago by Tunick and this is the first time his work is being exhibited. The artsy fun opens with a DJ set and at 12am a group of party goers will head to the beach for a midnight swim.

DLD 2014: All The Best Events At Israel Innovation WeekWhen: Tuesday, September 16
Brown TLV Hotel, Kalisher 25

Travel to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea: Once you’ve heard the words ‘funding’ and ‘startups’ ad nauseum, it’s time to head out and be a real tourist in Israel. All of DLD’s guests and speakers are invited on a trip to the historical and holy city of Jerusalem, as well as a visit at one of the world’s natural wonders, the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth. The trip includes a guided tour of the Old City of Jerusalem, lunch at one of Israel’s best restaurants in the city market, and transport to the serene and salty Dead Sea.
When: Thursday, September 18
Leaving at 08:00 and returning in the late evening
Registration is required and the trip costs $120. Register here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1xtL1SWbid-HSjQWWkc-Fp9N23P2D8ZDqdJkZ_q0zJiQ/viewform

Photos: Wikimedia/ Hatachana/ Innovation Week/ GameIS/ DLD Magazine/ Soundcloud/ Go-Telaviv.com/ Utopia/ Itamar Grinberg

DLD 2014: All The Best Events At Israel Innovation Week

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