Last updated July 5th 2017

bird foundation logoJune 29, 2017 | Eight US and Israeli companies will receive $7 million from Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD), a 40-year-old Israel-US foundation that has to date invested approximately $340 million in technological projects. The Board of Governors approved the funding on June 14, thus enabling joint technological product development on projects ranging from cancer screening systems to laser technologies. With additional private sector funding, the value of the projects is roughly $18.5 million. The eight chosen projects are: Atvio and Secant Group, C4 Systems and Churchill Navigation, Check-Cap and GE Healthcare, Isorad and Synrad, Melodea and ICL Performance Products, Nutrino Health and Welltok, OpSys Technologies and sdPhotonics, and Pill Tracker and Target Health.