Last updated March 8th 2017

Do you sometimes feel sleepy at work? Much like George Costanza who in a 1997 Seinfeld episode devised a way to discretely nap under his office desk at Yankee Stadium, you may be looking for corners to snooze. Now an Israeli design studio has produced an accessory for your desk that allows you to both work and nap with maximum comfort!

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“For the Rest”

The aptly named design, “For the Rest”, was created by industrial designer Assaf Israel and architect Sharon Liverant, a pair of Israelis from the hip Tel Aviv-based design company Joynout. How does it work? The design takes the existing partition that separates your workspace from that of your coworkers, and transforms it into a surface for you to rest your head on and nap. Simply fold the partition, rest against the padded part of the stand, and go to Zzz..

for the rest

Introducing Daydream

Continuing on the theme of dreaming, Joynout is now launching “Daydream”, a minimalistic, multi-functional seat, at this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan. The sculpture-like seat, inspired by the lemniscate (the symbol for infinity), allows for new and unexpected ways of sitting, relaxing and interacting. Designed by Assaf Israel, the seat enables you to lounge in an inclined position, which is meant to promote a relaxed and meditative state. Made in Italy from high quality, durable materials, the Daydream is intended for both public and private spaces and seats up to two people at a time. The seat is formed by two interlocking identical cushioned panels, creating an object that has no clear beginning or end. The company says it will be available in up to 10 different colors.

The Daydream

“The importance of daydreaming has already been proven in studies. When we are not obsessed by challenges, our brains make cognitive leaps,” Assaf Israel, Founder of Joynout said in a statement. “After thinking about this for some time I had a vision of a fragile-looking object, with a strong feel of hovering. The Daydream is designed for mental and physical relaxation. It is an object that allows us to break away from the hectic reality and remind ourselves how important it is to enjoy the moment.”

Based in Tel Aviv and Milan and founded in 2012 by Assaf Israel, who holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem, the Joynout studio specializes in the creation of new products and concepts for contract and public spaces. Joynout provides design services and consultancy for furniture companies and architecture firms, while also producing their own creations.

As their website says, “Joynout aims to change people’s perceptions and conceptions, bringing new tiding to the tangible spaces which belong to all of us.”


Assaf Israel holding a model of Daydream.

Photos and video: Joynout, YouTube

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