Last updated March 13th 2016

When you think of Israeli innovation, things like the world’s first USB drive or advanced cyber security solutions may come to mind. But sometimes, Israeli Innovation also comes in the form of … A deodorant.

That’s right. A new Israeli Kickstarter campaign called ClickStick is hoping to make waves in the deodorant sector with their electric deodorant applicator. Currently, the team has raised nearly half of their $55,000 funding goal and still has 34 days to go, which seems to mean that the electric, eco-friendly deodorant dispenser has a market, somewhere.

According to the creators of ClickStick, the electronic deodorant dispenser emits the healthiest amount of deodorant, is environmentally friendly, and yup, you guessed it, electric. Inserting the eco-friendly ClickStick deodorant or your favorite brand, all the user needs to do to avoid imminent stink is press a button on the applicator that will release the minimal and healthiest amount of deodorant a person needs. The company believes the applicator is ‘beautiful,’ coming in two colors and with a sleek design that could potentially make a great gift for someone you don’t mind embarrassing. Finally, and this is the cherry on the cake, the company promises that the ClickStick applicator helps its users avoid those annoying deodorant stains on your shirt. Although we’re not sure how they can guarantee this, it’s nice to think that people are so concerned about deodorant stains that they are innovating technology to avoid them.

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After Waze And Mobileye, Israelis Now Reinvents... The Deodorant.
The bottom line emphasized by the ClickStick team on their Kickstarter page is that this is an eco-friendly deodorant option for those worried about the environment. They site the statistic that the weight of deodorant plastic used in the United States each year is 145 times the weight of a jumbo jet. However, the majority of users are likely to use their own deodorant, so while the team may have the right idea, the entire package is a bit confusing when taken together. For $19, you can purchase the ClickStick and one deodorant filling of your choice (the Early Bird Special), but if you wait, you’ll have to pay $26 for a black, white or purple dispenser and one deodorant pack.

Despite our eyebrows being raised regarding this product, the numbers seem to speak differently, and it may be that ClickStick has sparked an electric revolution in the deodorant sector.

After Waze And Mobileye, Israelis Now Reinvents... The Deodorant.Photos: Kickstarter

After Waze And Mobileye, Israelis Now Reinvents... The Deodorant.

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