No One's Matter by Li Lorian/Photo: May Castelnovo

No One’s Matter by Li Lorian/Photo: May Castelnovo

Tmuna Theatre’s October Festival offers a broad spectrum of works in theatre, dance, music and performance, taking place from October 8 – 19, 2015. It’s an invitation to audiences to experience the diversity of the theatre.

Unlike some of Tmuna’s other festivals, such as A-Genre, where the emphasis is on the process and some works are presented in what might be called a first-draft form, October is harvest festival, with an abundance of full-length works in several disciplines, from Israel and abroad.

This year, under the artistic direction of Nava Zuckerman and Yair Vardi
there will be international productions from Germany, Croatia, and Poland, in addition to Israeli productions.

The full program may be found on the Tmuna Festival website: Tickets may be ordered online, or call: 03-5611211.

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