Last updated June 7th 2015


Gypsy music sensation The Taraf from Romania will be performing at The Zone on Saturday, June 13th, celebrating a decade of Olamale International Booking, founded by Yvonne Kahan, representing Israeli musicians abroad, including The Alaev Family, Victoria Hanna, Dudu Tassa, Maurice El Medioni, Kutiman Orchestra and many more.


The Taraf are a band of lautari (traditional musicians) from the Romanian village of Clejani, southwest of Bucharest. It is a smaller version of Taraf de Haïdouks, the band that has received many accolades and performed in Tony Gartlif’s film Latcho Drom. The Taraf are: Anghel Gheorghe “Caliu” – violin; Robert Gheorghe – Violin; Gheorghe Manole “Nea Gheorghe” – Vocal & Accordion; George Ciolac Ness – cimbalom; Aurel Turcitu – bass.

The Taraf
Saturday, June 13th at 22:00
The Zone (HaEzor), 13 HaRechev Street, Tel Aviv
Tickets are 70 NIS, order online via this link.