Last updated December 20th 2015

Room Dances 2015/Design: Eyal Zakin

Room Dances 2015/Design: Eyal Zakin

The 27th Room Dances Festival will take place from December 16 – 19, 2015 at the Gerard Behar Center in Jerusalem, and on December 24 – 26, 2015 at Hateiva in Tel Aviv. The festival presents works performed by a solo dancer or small ensemble, in the intimate atmosphere of a room, without the elevation and distance created by the stage, placing an strong emphasis on the movement of the dancer. Festival Artistic Directors are Prof. Amos Hetz, founder of the Room Dance Festival, and Lior Evitzur.

This year’s theme will be “Metamorphosis” – from the festival statement:
This year we have chosen “Metamorphosis” – both in its metaphoric and in its biologic sense. Daphne rejects Apollo’s embrace and becomes a laurel tree; Narcissus falls in love with his own reflection, falls into the water and becomes a flower; and Gregor Samsa – how did he become an insect?
We wonder: which secret comes into being inside the egg? What do the distinctive stages of each transformation have in common? What sort of movement is contained in each form?

The full festival program and descriptions of each work is available in English on the Room Dances Festival website. There is a special project with guest dancer Renate Graziadei, and the Bikkurim (first harvest) project in cooperation with the Jerusalem Foundation, offering a professional stage to five new graduates.

Program 1 – Talia de Vries and Johann Nöhles, Shelly Palmon, Gili Inglis, Gadi Avidan

Program 2 – Karina Hananeia, Nava Frenkel, Anna Sgan-Cohen, Omri Reitman

Program 3 – Naama Ityel, Amos Hetz, Renate Graziadei (Germany), Anat Shamgar, Tami Lebovits

Jerusalem Events
Leo Model Hall, Gerard Behar Center, 11 Bezalel St
Program 1 – Wednesday, December 16th, 20:30
Program 2 – Thursday, December 17th, 20:30
Program 3 – Saturday, December 19th, 20:30

Tel Aviv Events
Hateiva, 19 Sderot Yerushalayim
Program 1 – Thursday, December 24th, 20:30
Program 3 – Friday, December 25th, 20:30
Program 2 – Saturday, December 26th, 20:30

Tickets: Single ticket – 65 NIS; member ticket – 45 NIS; two performances – 70 NIS; three performances – 100 NIS
To order tickets for the Tel Aviv performances, call 03-6822403
Tickets for the Jerusalem events will be sold at the theater before the shows

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