Last updated August 28th 2016

Radio Inshallah

Radio Inshallah

The Israeli experience as it surrounds us in sound – politics, football, music and gossip, all at the touch of the radio dial. It’s a mix of cultures and contrasts, East and West, conversations and confrontations. Radio Inshallah, a new musical-comedy show from the creative minds of singer-actor Tomer Sharon (Tomash) and musician Yair Yona, seeks to capture the essence of that crazy mix.

The show will feature new arrangements to Israeli songs ranging from central figures in the history of Israeli song, such as Mordechai Zeira, to contemporary singers like Sarit Haddad, and standards like Summertime in Hebrew translation. The musical aspect of the show promises to be really fun, with bassist Shai Hazan and percussionist Gilad Dobrecky joining Yona and Sharon. It’s a powerful foursome, with irreverent verve and lively creative energy. The show will be in Hebrew.

Radio Inshallah – Monday, August 29th at The Zone (13 Harechev, Tel Aviv), 21:00

Tickets are 60 NIS in advance, and may be purchased via this link. Here’s the link to the facebook event.


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