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The Masrahid Festival for plays in Arabic will take place from September 6 – 8, 2016 at the Acco Theatre Center. Now in its 15th edition, the festival provides a prominent platform for plays in Arabic, and nurtures the creation of original works, offering theatre-goers a view onto Palestinian-Arabic culture and concerns. The plays are performed in Arabic with subtitles in Hebrew, opening the event to audiences who do not speak Arabic, and creating a bridge of communication between the two cultures.

Ghajar Band

Ghajar Band

Opening night will be fun and festive with the Ghajar Band and their special guest Haitham Khalailah (Arab Idol). Founded in 2010, the Acco band plays a fusion of Spanish gypsy music with Arab and Middle Eastern. Band members: Nizar Baghdadi, Mohammad Foudy, Salim Sakran, and Zyoar Bahlul. Tuesday, September 6, 2016 at 21:00 in the festival gardens.

In addition to the plays in competition, there will be a symposium on Acco folklore, on Wednesday, September 7th, and an evening of monologues/dialogues performed by high school students majoring in theatre, on Thursday, September 8th, as well as an exhibition of paintings by Ahmed Cnaan in the foyer of the Acco Theatre Center throughout the festival.

Plays in competition:

Red Shoes/Photo courtesy of PR

Red Shoes/Photo courtesy of PR

Red Shoes

Written and directed by Guy Elhanan and Hassan Morad; Performer: Hassan Morad

Haithan, a young man about to finish high school, takes the viewers on a journey into the world of construction workers. The principal of his school and his teachers do not realize his artistic talent, and expel him from school. His uncle Hassan, the contractor, offers him a job in construction. Amjad, the experienced worker, becomes his mentor, and George, a graphic designer in the hospital, offers him a glimmer of hope.

Arabic with Hebrew subtitles, duration: 40 min

September 6th at 19:15; September 7th at 20:15; September 8th at 20:15 – Diwan Hall, Acco Theatre Center

Abdu/Photo courtesy of PR

Abdu/Photo courtesy of PR


Written and directed by Issy Mamanov, Kaid Abu Latif; Performers: Sahel Al Dabsan, Omar Nsasra

45 year old Akram is the father of 8 children who cares for his family, but tries to keep his son Abdu from going out, so that no one will notice him. He decides to tie him to one of the house pillars. Abdu looks forward to being tied, he spends that time in daydreams, and also has a secret that he has not told anyone, not even his parents.

September 6th at 19:15; September 7th at 20:15; September 8th at 20:15 – Red Hall

Rehearsal/Photo courtesy of PR

Rehearsal/Photo courtesy of PR


Written and directed by Mahmud Kadah; Performers: Mahmud Mura, Hamed Alahm, Khaled Mayher

Three actors who are about to rehearse a play on the subject of “ego,” realize that one of the actors is a true narcissist. This encounter blurs the lines between reality and performance…

September 6th at 18:00; September 7th at 21:30; September 8th at 19:00 – White Hall

Ayesh/Photo courtesy of PR

Ayesh/Photo courtesy of PR

Ayesh (Live)

Written by Tareq el Sayed; Directed by Mohammed Ayed; Performer: Milad Knebi

An episode in the life of a young man named Ayesh. Ayesh is 30 years old and has a slight mental disability. He opens the door and shows the viewer the world from his perspective: how he lives, how he views us, and how he thinks.

September 6th at 20:15; September 7th at 19:00; September 8th at 21:30 – Studio

Selfie Memories/Photo courtesy of PR

Selfie Memories/Photo courtesy of PR

Selfie Memories

Written, directed and performed by Ahamed Abu Salume

Between the past that still lives in his mind, the present and what the future holds… Many contradictions and complexities in the mind of an actor. The norms he was raised on have changed, and caused him to lose his way in today’s world. His world view does not match the contemporary world view, but love knows no bounds and through love he will find his way.

September 6th at 18:00; September 7th at 21:30; September 8th at 19:00 – Studio

Prickly Bow/Photo courtesy of PR

Prickly Bow/Photo courtesy of PR

Prickly Bow

Written by Roy Rashkes; Directed by Shady Srure; Performers: Shams Zaher, Manal Saleh

This work deals with the issue of illegal gun ownership in the Arab community, especially among youth, who use the guns to resolve conflicts. The story takes place during a wedding ceremony when the “happy” shooting begins (shooting into the air is a traditional wedding custom) but ends tragically with the death of the groom. Ironically, the groom had intended to take revenge on someone else immediately after the wedding. There is a dramatic dialogue between the groom, who boasts of carrying a gun, and has no moral qualms, and his bride, who tries to convince him that it is dangerous. But he trusts in the gun to give him confidence and security, rather than his bride.

September 6th at 20:15; September 7th at 19:00; September 8th at 21:30 – White Hall


Directed and guided by Pnina Rintzler; Written and performed by Subhi Hosri

A comic work about a man who was born to live on the edge.

September 6th at 18:00; September 7th at 18:00; September 8th at 18:00 – Red Hall

Masrahid 2016 is produced by the Acco Theatre Center, directed by Mony Yosef and under the artistic direction of Smadar Yaaron. Faras Falah is Chairs the Board of Directors. Masrahid Festival was was the initiative of Artistic Directors Usama Masri and Khald Abu Ali. The artistic committee for this year’s festival: Jerias Tanos, Khald Abu Ali, Smadar Yaaron, Usama Masri, Firas Rubi and Misra Masri. The festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture, the Acco Municipality and the Acco Theatre Center.

Information on tickets and venues may be found on the Acco Theatre Center website. To purchase tickets call: 03-9400333 or 073-2100945

Acco Theatre Center, Festival Gardens, Old City of Acco. 04-9913834; 04-9919634

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