Last updated June 7th 2015

Lucille Crew with Gal de Paz/Photo: Dana MeirsonLucille Crew with Gal de Paz/Photo: Dana Meirson

What the hell did I do last night? I don’t know, but Saturday night I am going to be with Lucille Crew at Pasáž, as they launch their new single “What the Hell” – which is already dancing in my blood:


Come hear Lucille Crew with the wonderful Goldie (Gal de Paz) at Pasáž on Saturday, June 6th. Doors open 22:00, show starts 23:30.

Links: Lucille Crew; Gal de Paz; event page

Midnight East lovin’ Lucille – so much music! so much love!

Oh Lucille! Balkan burst of color on a gray April afternoon, walking into the Kicha Studios in Florentine, where Lucille is in the kitchen, cookin’ up their first album – and it is hot! The recording studio is a place of extremes: you’re dancing one moment and tearing out your rastas the next.

Lucille is an old soul, a meeting of extremes, an explosion of energy onstage that spills out into the universe. Lucille talks to the ancients of blues and then takes it out on the street, bleeding out rhymes to a city pulse.

Almost midnight on a Saturday, the streets are dark, storefronts shut down, but down below, the secret life of the city is just getting ready to wake up… Lucille is the kind of band that takes over your body with their funk, hip hop, searing soul sound and rhymes that take the grit, the dirt, the pain, the sensuality and rhythms of the city and tattoo them on your brain. If you haven’t heard them yet, hear them now. Now.