lucille big city pic

It’s not the wind that blew me away… it’s Lucille’s new video for Big City!

Hearing the song live always gets me moving and hits me where I live, it’s a song with the feel of an anthem for Tel Aviv or any big city anywhere.

The concept, art, direction, meticulous attention to detail (what action figures do you keep on your drawing table?), cinematography, editing and the talents of Kuki Chan make this far more than an illustration. It’s so good that the first time I saw it I had to watch it again. And again.

On Big City & Lucille:
Almost midnight on a Saturday, the streets are dark, storefronts shut down, but down below, the secret life of the city is just getting ready to wake up… Lucille is the kind of band that takes over your body with their funk, hip hop, searing soul sound and rhymes that take the grit, the dirt, the pain, the sensuality and rhythms of the city and tattoo them on your brain. If you haven’t heard them yet, hear them now. Now.

Upcoming shows: Lucille’s Purim Birthday Party @Pasaz March 7, 2015
Links: Lucille; Kuki Chan