Layla Lavan – White Night Tel Aviv will take place on Thursday, June 25th, with so many wonderful things to do and places to go… the website lists some events in English, but not all, so here are some that caught my eye (in no particular order, band names etc are hyper-linked to their pages – so click away). All FREE!

19:00 – 23:00 –  42 Rothschild Blvd – On The Cutting Edge #3

Indie bands hosted by InDNegev, part of the Culture and Community program of the First International Bank of Israel. Shining the spotlight on those bands that have come up outside the center, and go their own way all the way.

Shmemel – This is the band that will put Ness Ziona on the map! Shmemel is a big band with an irresistible groove and fusion of jazz, rock, pop, folk and even Klezmer, that makes every concert an amazing party. Singing in Hebrew, I love their social critique delivered with a smile in cheeky style. Are you living the “sitting down” life? Stand up and dance with Shmemel!


I’m discovering composer and music producer Sangit Segal and his Afro Love project – and really liking what I hear: connecting African roots music with soul, funk, Caribbean and jazz, with texts in Hebrew, English, Arabic, French, Spanish, and Amharic.


Ketem Paz Original Jewish Reggae Music Creating reggae/dub arrangements to traditional Yemenite melodies for liturgical and Biblical texts, this is a band that seeks to bring different world views together in harmony.


ChuvA  is lead by Shalom Tshuva.  Traveling and performing through Europe in his early twenties, when Tshuva returned to Israel he joined up with drummer and producer Itamar Ben Zakai, who had spent time in New York. Nissan Ventura on guitar and bass player Nitzan Eisenberg round out the rock-indie band, that just released their debut album Summary in 2013.


23:30 Levontin 7 – Tribute to the Fringe Scene

Hosted by Indeed Productions, 10 Israeli indie bands performing originals & covers of Israeli bands we like to remember (or get to know). Each band will perform one cover + originals. Participating bands: The 1840s & Shelly and Rotem; Aya Zehavi Feiglin + Hod Sarid; Daniela Tourgeman; Bill and Murray; Col Mustard; Taani Ester; Ram Orion; HaBalot; Shani Peleg; Joove.


20:30 The Barby – Istanbul Connection

Tel Aviv meets Istanbul for a night of music! We are so much more connected than the politicians would have us believe… let’s dance! Coming from Istanbul are: BaBa ZuLa  with their Turkish psychedelic performance that has been described as “ritual like” often featuring dancers, elaborate costumes, theater, live drawing, mixing oriental instruments – darbuka, saz – with electronic sounds. BaBaZuLa are: Murat Ertel (Electro Saz, Electronic Sounds, Vocals), Levent Akman (Electronic Sounds, Wooden Spoons), Özgür Çakırlar (Percussion), Melike Şahin (Vocals, Back Vocals), Can Aydemir (Bass), Bahar Sarah (Dancer), Nourah (Dancer). Esteemed music collector Murat Marik will bring to The Barby a sampling of all things good from Ismir to Anatalia.


Israeli bands on hand to show their stuff are Boom Pam with their one-of-a-kind Mediterranean surf rock, and DJs Mixmaster and Schoolmaster with some local flavor.


21:00 Suzanne Dellal Centre – BGMC Boston Gay Men’s Chorus

Musical Director Reuben M. Reynolds III and the BGMC will be coming to Israel as part of a tour in the region, promoting peace and dialogue through music! Making the experience really special is a new song about peace by Joshua Shank, commissioned for the tour. The lyrics for the song were crowdsourced from chorus members who shared with Shank moments when they felt most at peace. BGMC will be meeting with local Jewish, Muslim, and Palestinian groups and artists throughout its two-week tour, including several members of the Jerusalem Youth Chorus. Proceeds from all performances by BGMC during the tour will be donated to local LGBT groups. The performance at Suzanne Dellal on Layla Lavan is outdoors and free.


20:00 Rabin Square – A Really Quiet Headphones Party

Get out your smartphones and with the Radio Tel Aviv 102 app you can dance the night away… bring your own headphones and smartphone, or rent headphones on the spot. DJ Sem Thmassom from Belgium and DJ Funk-d from the Netherlands & some great local DJs too.

After sunset: Illumination of 50 White City Buildings along Bialik Street and Rothschild Boulevard

19:00 Habima Square – Eli Preminger & New Orleans Function playing love songs, Blues, Swing & Charleston. Then at around 20:00 Holy Lindy Land will kick up their heels in a swinging dance party.

18:30 Gan Meir – The Magic Flute (for children) by the Israeli Opera

21:00  Gan Meir – Tribute to Meir Ariel by Dlatot Niftahot MeAtzman

Idan Toledano founded Dlatot in 2001, as a tribute band to Meir Ariel, the songs of beloved Israeli singer/songwriter. Idan Toledano – vocals, guitar, oud, bouzouki; Shani Shavit – bass, vocals; Ariel Kasis – quanon; Shahaf Aouda – wind instruments; Ori Dekel – percussion.

20:30  Tel Aviv Port – Youth Ensembles

21:00  Israeli Opera Plaza – Hallelujah: Tribute to Leonard Cohen

Ari Gorali , Sivan Talmor and Gal Nisman – the trio of singer/songwriters present the songs of Leonard Cohen in intimate harmonies.

21:00 Gan HaHashmal – Yes Ma’am

Womanpower – five musicians with covers of classics from the 50s and 60s. Rina Shogel – bass, Noa Segal – drums, Maytal Seidof-Hochman – guitar and vocals, Hagar Levy – percussion and vocals, Dana Aylon – keyboards.

13:30 Kiryat Sefer Garden – Disney songs in Hebrew!

20:00 Gulaza

The poetry of Yemenite women in contemporary arrangements with African string instruments, diverse percussion, guitars and cello make for a powerful musical journey. Members: Igal Mizrahi – vocals and percussion; Ian Aylon – guitars; Hila Epstein – cello; Ben Aylon – Djeli N’goni and percussion


21:30 Liron Amram and the Panthers

Authentic Yemenite music and rock in contemporary Israeli fusion. Members: Liron Amram – vocals, guitar and arrangements; Ran Kaufman – bass; Noam Habkin – keyboard and ablatone; Tal Kochavi – drums.

Layla Lavan – White Night Tel Aviv website in English