Avishai Sivan’s Tikkun won the Haggiag Family Award for Israeli Cinema for Best Feature at the Jerusalem Film Festival 2015. From the jury’s statement: “For its very impressive artistic achievement in telling a deep and delicate story with great sensitivity.” Sivan also received the Anat Pirchi Award for Best Screenplay. From the jury’s statement: “For creating and exploring a closed and claustrophobic world with convincing characters and unpredictable yet credible twists.”

Khalifa Natour won the Haggiag Family Award for Best Actor for his performance in Tikkun. From the jury’s statement: “For his subtle and deep interpretation of the father as an overwhelming presence and the emotional lead of the film.”

Shay Goldman received the Van Leer Cinematography Award for his work on Tikkun. From the jury’s statement: “For painting striking, ethereal black and white images that created a fully realized cinematic world.”

Wedding DollWedding Doll

Anat Pirchi Award for Best Debut Feature: Nitzan Gilady’s Wedding Doll. From the jury’s statement: “For its tender and beautifully shot portrayal of women trying to break out of their limitations.” Asi Levi won the Haggiag Family Award for Best Actress for her performance in this film. From the jury’s statement: “For her strong, expressive and moving performance as a loving and overprotective mother.”


The Paz brother’s JeruZalem won the Audience Favorite Award, and Reut Han, Yoav Paz and Doron Paz won the Haggiag Editing Award, from the jury’s statement: “For adding a very creative and dynamic expression to a cheeky B movie, making a strong case for Jerusalem as the perfect location for a zombie film.”


The Van Leer Foundation Award for Best Documentary Film: Silvina Landsmann’s Hotline. From the jury’s statement: “For its impressive achievement in exposing the complexity of current human rights politics in Israel, imposing questions about layers of responsibilities and shining a light on one of the most urgent issues of our time: the treatment of refugees.”

The Van Leer Award for Best Director of a Documentary Film went to Nirit Aharoni for Strung Out. From the jury’s statement: “Nirit Aharoni immersed herself body and soul in her film, which she also shot, giving us a very intimate, painful and humanistic view of damaged life.”

Ofir Lebovich received the Haggiag Family Award for Best Music for Strung Out. From the jury’s statement: “The atmospheric music in Strung Out adds a layer to the story, making the viewing experience more complex, emotional and even physical.”

Thru You Princess received an honorable mention from the jury: “Through the wonderful combination of YouTube storytelling, powerful music and a strong heroine, this film manages to bring a story that is both global and personal to an uplifting happy ending. A film that is easy to fall in love with”.

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