Last updated March 13th 2016

Marina Maximilian/Photo: Omer MesingerMarina Maximilian/Photo: Omer Mesinger

The International Showcase for Israeli Music is back, bringing together Israeli musicians with some of the most influential figures of the international music industry, will take place over two weekends in two great venues: The Yellow Submarine in Jerusalem and The Zone in Tel Aviv. Rock and Indie music will be featured from November 19th – 22nd, Jazz and World Music from November 26th – 29th. Most performances are free and open to the public (based on space available) – so come show your love!

The Rock/Indie Program will open on Wednesday November 19th at the Yellow Submarine Jerusalem with Marina Maximilian. Performing at the Yellow Submarine (on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) will be Vaadat Harigim, Sun Tailor, Igor Krutogolov’s Toy Orchestra, Lola Marsh, Tzvika Force, Uzi Ramirez, BEMET and many more… Friday at The Zone in Tel Aviv will feature Phototaxis, Liron Amram & the Panthers, Onogana and more…

The Jazz/World Music program will follow a similar Jeruslaem-Tel Aviv-Jerusalem schedule, with some great musicians: Avishai Cohen – The Big Vicious, Andra La Moussia, Maya Belsitzman & Matan Efrat, Ester Rada, Marsh Dondurma, Shai Tsabari all in Jerusalem and Yuval Cohen, Kutiman Orchestra, the Alaev Salon in Tel Aviv.

Most performances are free and open to the public (unless stated otherwise), so come out and show your love for your favorite musicians. The full program with dates, times, bands and ticket info is available on the festival website, click here.