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Want to know what’s happening on the Israeli music scene? International Exposure for Israeli Music 2015 opens tomorrow, with two great weekends of music: Jazz & World Music from November 11 – 14; Rock, Indie & Electronica from November 18 – 21, 2015.

It’s a great showcase, connecting Israeli musicians with some of the most influential people in the international music industry, and at the same time, offering locals the opportunity to do a crash course on the cutting edge of the Israeli music scene. Concerts will take place at The Yellow Submarine and David Citadel in Jerusalem, and The Barby in Tel Aviv. The best news: admission is just 20 – 30 NIS!

Here’s the full program:

Wednesday, November 11th The Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem

Omer Klein Trio 20:20-21:00
The Piyyut Ensemble 21:10-21:35
Mechilta 21:55-22:20
Adam Ben Ezra Trio 22:30-22:55
DJ between sets: Itamar Bernstein
Admission: 20 NIS

Thursday, November 12th The Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem

Shlomo Oz & Nagwa Ensemble 15:00-15:25
Uriel Herman Quartet 15:35-16:00
Kenner 16:10-16:35
Admission: 20 NIS

Roy Oliel Sextet 20:30-20:55
Orvim Ensemble 21:05-21:30
Jonathan Greenstein 21:55-22:20
Jali Ensemble 22:30-22:55
DJ between sets: Dolev Pahima
Admission: 20 NIS

After Party at HaMezkaka from 23:30
DJ Amit Eliasi, Medjool, DJ Schoolmaster

Friday, November 13th, The Barby, Tel Aviv
DJ between sets: Funk Sinatra (Eyal Goldman), Omer Luz, Oren Barkan

Avi Lebovich Orchestra 15:30-15:55
Eden Bareket Trio 16:05-16:30
Ghazall 16:55-17:20
The Hazelnuts 17:30-17:55
Admission: 20 NIS

ANNA RF 23:00-23:30
Funk’n’stein 23:40-00:10
The Apples 00:20-00:50
Admission: 30 NIS

Saturday, November 14th, The Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem
DJ between sets: Shahar Zaltsman, Tal Sadot

Hadar Noiberg Trio 14:00-14:25
Gulaza 14:35-15:00
Shachar Elnatan Quartet 15:20-15:45
Hoodna Orchestra 15:55-16:20
Admission: 20 NIS

Diwan Saz 22:00-22:35
Yemen Blues 22:55-23:30
Admission: 20 NIS

Wednesday, November 18th, The Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem
DJ between sets: Ron Bracha

Maya Isacowitz 20:20-21:00
Cut Out Club 21:10-21:35
Shtuby 21:55-22:20
Red Axes 22:30-22:55
Admission: 20 NIS

Thursday, November 19th, David Citadel & The Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem

David Citadel, Jerusalem
Garden City Movement 15:00-15:25
Hagar 15:35-16:00
Arlene Gould 16:10-16:35
Admission: 20 NIS

The Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem
DJ between sets Bar Zevda, Lea Spiegel

Benjamin’s Brother 20:30-20:55
Beta Zinq 21:05-21:30
The Great Machine 21:55-22:20
Cain & Abel 90210 22:30-22:55
TATRAN 23:05-23:30
Admission: 20 NIS

After party at HaMezkaka starts at midnight! Opening with DJ Yagil@teaser and closing with Hanan Ben Simon & DJ I-zebra

Friday, November 20th, The Barby, Tel Aviv
DJ between sets: Tom Ginsberg, Tomer Kariv, Nitzan Pinko

Shelly 15:30-15:55
Balcony and Beyond 16:05-16:30
Buttering Trio 16:55-17:20
OSOG 17:30-17:55
Admission: 20 NIS

Kalbata & Mixmonster 23:00-23:30
A-WA 23:40-00:10
Tiny Fingers 00:20-00:50
Yogev Haruvi 01:00-01:30
Admission: 30 NIS

Saturday, November 21st, The Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem
DJ between sets: Bar Zevda, Yuval Shenhar, Aviad Sinmens

Zohara 14:00-14:25
theAngelcy 14:35-15:00
Michal Lotan & Issac Dabom 15:20-15:45
ILLY 15:55-16:20
Admission: 20 NIS

Middle Beast 22:00-22:25
Echo&Tito feat. Malox 22:35-23:00
Nechi Nech 23:20-00:00
Admission: 20 NIS

Please note that events are subject to change. Check the International Exposure facebook page and website for updates.

International Exposure is produced by the Yellow Submarine in collaboration with the Cultural and Scientific Affairs Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and under the artistic direction of Barak Weiss (Jazz & World Music) and Hadas Vanunu (Rock, Indie & Electronica).

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