Last updated August 18th 2014

Mediterranean Andalusian Orchestra/Photo courtesy of PRMediterranean Andalusian Orchestra/Photo courtesy of PR

The Golden Age of Flamenco will come to life under the stars as The Mediterranean Andalusian Orchestra of Ashkelon, will perform a free outdoor performance on August 28, 2014 as part of the “Culture and Community” program at the First International Bank of Israel. The concert will be conducted by the orchestra’s Artistic Director and Head conductor Tom Cohen, with soloists Emil Zrihan and Yehuda Shveiky.

The concert will include works from the traditional Flamenco Puro, to those of well known musicians from the Maghreb tradition, such as Salim Halali and Lili Boniche, who were influenced by Spanish music in their own songs.

Emil Zrihan/Photo courtesy of PREmil Zrihan/Photo courtesy of PR

Emil Zrihan has been the orchestra’s first soloist since its foundation. The internationally known countertenor has performed the music of the Moroccan and Andalusian traditions worldwide. Born in Rabat, he has performed professionally since the age of 13.

Yehuda Shveiky/Photo courtesy of PRYehuda Shveiky/Photo courtesy of PR

Yehuda Shveiky is one of Israel’s leading performers of Flamenco. The singer/composer/guitarist has spent much time in Spain, learning the art of Flamenco in its country of origin.

The Golden Age of Flamenco – Thursday, August 28, 2014 at 20:00, First International Bank of Israel, 42 Rothschild Blvd, Tel Aviv. Admission is free, but advance registration is required. To reserve a place, call 03-5130001.