Last updated August 26th 2014

Innovative choreographers Maya Levy and Hanan Anando Mars may usually be found taking the road less traveled by. This weekend they will debut their film Pardes Hannah –> Tel Aviv, a documentary of their journey on foot from their home in Pardes Hannah to Tel Aviv, with their two young daughters. Accompanied by photographer Eldad Maestro and two donkeys, they arrived at their new home in Tel Aviv after three days of walking – what a way to move!

The film will be shown every evening at 20:00 in the foyer of Warehouse 2 in Jaffa, where the two choreographers will be the artistic directors for this weekend’s edition of Curator/Creator. A program of the Choreographers Association and the Bistrisky Fund, weekend events will take place from Thursday, August 28th – Saturday, August 30th with performances each night at 21:00 (following the film).

Renaissance/Photo: AscafRenaissance/Photo: Ascaf

This weekend will also mark the final performance of Renaissance, the latest joint work of Levy and Mars, exploring the unclothed body in movement. It’s a serious (and in some moments humorous) and deeply aesthetic exploration of the human body and clothing, in the context of movement, culture and relationships. Performers and co-creators: Iris Nais, Asher Lev, Shani Ben Hayim, Stav Marin, Tankuri Kwaharda, David Marks. Levy and Mars will also conduct a workshop on Saturday, August 30th from 11:00 – 12:30, the workshop is intended for those interested in developing creative expression.

Thursday and Friday evenings will be devoted to short new works by emerging artists in performance and dance. Levy and Mars, in their roles as curators, have chosen to focus on new voices and young creators, opening a window onto a new creative scene.

Tickets are: Thursday, August 28th – 65 NIS; Friday, August 29th – 65 NIS; Saturday, August 30th (Renaissance) – 95 NIS. To order, call: 03-9021563.