Starry-eyed and breathless, I’ve just seen an enthralling performance by Cirque Éloize at the Israeli Opera: Cirkopolis.

Cirkopolis is a world unto itself. With a reverential nod to Metropolis, a giant factory of a city, a great machine comes to life before our eyes, and within the dark caverns of turning wheels and gears, the people, the spark of life enslaved within this monstrosity spin, leap, and whirl, performing feats of strength, agility and delight. Cirkopolis renews our capacity for wonder.


Co-directors Dave St. Pierre and Jeannot Painchard have created a perfect blend of technique, art, and magic, performed by circus artists of the highest caliber, and a creative team of skill, imagination and exquisite style. The set design, composed of large scale video projections, establishes the dark mood and crushing mechanism of urban alienation. Retro costumes in gray provide an elegant look that unites the performance, the occasional touches of color – a red dress, colorful ties for the men in blue and lavender – serve to emphasize the contrast between the surging vitality of the performers and the world that surrounds them. The choreography merges beautifully with the circus acts. Image and movement, dance, theatre and circus all become one, and the soundtrack takes us there – from industrial noise to the bouncy rhythms of the Charleston and dreamy songs of love.

Cirkopolis opens with a drab worker at his desk, his back to the audience, stamping papers in meaningless routine, as other workers walk by, adding to his load. One by one these gray clad workers are transformed, and one gazes spellbound at the artistry of these performers: juggling, spinning lyrically in the Cyr Wheel, stunning feats of strength and balance, audacious moves on the German Wheel, ethereal aerial dance, acrobatics and pole work; all bound together with laughter as the clown’s narrative – imaginary or real – takes one through the show. The performance comes to a climax with all performers onstage, flying through the air in the wildest office party ever!

Cirkopolis is a dazzling work of contemporary circus, an amazing experience for audiences of all ages!

Performances: October 21st, 22nd, and 23rd at 20:00, October 24th at 13:00, October 25th at 16:00.  Tickets may be ordered via the Israeli Opera at 03-6927777; Bimot at, or call *6226; Eventim at *9066.