Bobby McFerrin/Photo: Ayelet DekelBobby McFerrin/Photo: Ayelet Dekel

Living jazz legends Chick Corea and Bobby McFerrin will be taking their world tour to Israel this summer, with four performances in July 2015! In this concert they share the piano – hence the tour name Duo Piano – and will perform a repertoire that ranges from Beatles hits, covers of jazz standards and pop songs, to Mozart in their inimitable style.  The two talented artists connect so well onstage and in the recording studio. They have collaborated on and off for years, recording two albums Play (1990)  and The Mozart Sessions (1996) and performing together.

Enjoy this duo performing Chick Corea’s Spain:

Pianist composer Chick Corea, former member of Miles Davis band and leader of the jazz band Return to Forever, is a 22 time Grammy winner with an astonishing range. Bobby McFerrin is a fascinating, versatile vocalist, soulful and playful, whom I had the pleasure of hearing when he performed in Israel in May 2012:

Listening to Bobby McFerrin is entering a universe filled with small gifts of sound, moments of discovery riding the air around and within us. Searching and finding, McFerrin moved through the night between solos and jams with the other musicians. His range and vocal quality are exceptional, constantly inventing a new vocabulary and rhythms for the human voice. He can make his voice sound as if it comes from afar, with the grace of birds flying over the water, sunlight on their wings. He can be playful as a child, making each sound bounce. Sometimes McFerrin takes it to the edge, the place where sound meets silence, a place of becoming. (read the full review here)

Wednesday, July 22nd – Zappa Amphi Shuni at 21:00
Thursday, July 23rd – Zappa Herzliya at 21:00
Friday, July 24th – Zappa Herzliya afternoon concert
Friday, July 24th – Rishon Park at 21:00
These will be seated performances, space is limited. Tickets are 299 – 599 NIS, to order call *9080 or order online at

Bobby McFerrin talks about music and the significance of coming to Israel – April 30th 2012