Last updated February 23rd 2015

Assaf Ronen is a food  photographers with an impressive client list that includes some of Israel’s leading companies and organizations.

For over a decade, he has worked with food manufacturers, public relations firms and advertising agencies to present idealized images of food — fresh, cooked or packaged — for articles, ads, menus and catalogs, and has become expert in the next generation of food photography — a 360° technique for online viewing that captures and rotates the dish from all angles.

Ronen also practices corporate social responsibility by contributing photographic services to organizations such as Israel Elwyn for children and adults with disabilities, and Leket Israel, Israel’s largest national food bank.

In celebration of his studio’s ten year anniversary, Ronen organized a unique initiative to benefit Leket Israel, inviting 12 Israeli celebrity chefs to learn the art of food photography.

“When thinking about how I would mark this special occasion, I knew I wanted to incorporate a social element to try and give back. I reached out to Leket Israel as I believed that they would be the most suitable partner. Their mission to rescue surplus food for distribution to those in need truly appeals to me,” said Ronen.

Participating chefs included Meir Adoni, considered one of the leaders in Israel haute cuisine…

Cookbook author, food journalist, culinary editor and TV cookery show anchor Shaily Lipa.


Amir Ilan, owner of the American steakhouse-inspired Hudson Brasserie and Director of Culinary Education at the Dan Gourmet Culinary Arts Institute.

Eyal Lavi whose Rokach 73 bistro offers a fusion of Mediterranean and Provencal cuisines.

American-born food journalist and cookbook author Phyllis Glazer, Israel’s doyenne of healthy and delicious recipes.


Other chefs participating in the project: Assaf Granit, Avner Laskin, Yoav Bliman, Orel Kimchi, Miki Shemo and Israeli haute cuisine pioneer Zachi Bukshester.

The photos are now on exhibit at the Dan Gourmet Culinary Arts Institute in Tel Aviv with all proceeds from the sale of photos going to Leket Israel.

Another, slightly more risque food photography exhibition is also currently running in Tel Aviv.


Chef Eyal Shani is the co-host of Israel’s Master Chef whose enjoyment of the dishes is “really quite pervy” (to use a Bridget Jones-ism) and whose food photos almost got him kicked off Instagram.


In the end, he’s been able to continue his instant online artistry and that sensual approach to food photography is now on display at Gordon 26, Tel Aviv.