Last updated August 5th 2014

***UPDATE*** Indie City Live has been postponed by the Jerusalem Municipality in accordance with the instructions of the Israeli Home Front Command. The festival, which was to take place July 24 – 25, 2014 has been postponed to a later date, as yet to be announced.

You can’t stop the music! Amid the turmoil of these difficult days, Indie City is still going strong. The music festival will go on as planned in Jerusalem with two days of back-to-back concerts July 24 – 25, 2014 – admission FREE!

Indie City will go live, with this season’s musicians performing on two stages at the Russian Compound in the city center. Featuring: Amir Lev, Shai Tsabari, Kutiman Orchestra, Yemen Blues, Lola Marsh, Sumsum, Echo & Tito, Layla, Niv Est, Nitsan Horesh & the Cut Out Club, Tiny Fingers, Moan, Sun Tailor, the Betty Bears.

Kishle - Old City of Jerusalem/Photo: Ayelet Dekel

Kishle – Old City of Jerusalem/Photo: Ayelet Dekel

Indie City is a video series documenting the cutting edge of Israel’s independent music scene, setting songs in locations that capture the feel of the city. Jerusalem-born Indie City artistic director Bettina Fainstein has put together yet another terrific season of one-shot videos featuring well known musicians as well as emerging artists. The cultural diversity and history of Jerusalem connect with the songs, as when Shai Tsabari enters the mysterious space of the Kishle, adjacent to the Tower of David museum, near Jaffa Gate in the Old City. Inside this former prison, excavations have revealed parts of the Hasmonean city wall from the 2nd century BCE, a wall from the time of King Hezekiah, and two large walls of Herod’s palace. Currently under construction, the plan is to transform this historic site into a venue for cultural events.

The Augusta Victoria Church on the Mount of Olives hosted the Kutiman Orchestra, featuring Karolina on vocals, for a bright session jazzy session, while Nitsan Horesh and Cut Out Club venture into Hansen House to perform “Haunted.” The former hospital, was founded in 1887, as an asylum for “lepers,” actually the patients there were suffering from Hansen’s Disease. Once a cure was found for the disease, the beautiful building designed by architect Conrad Shick was no longer needed as a hospital. The compound has been renovated and is now a Center for Design, Media and Technology and hosts cultural events.

Indie City is produced in collaboration with the Jerusalem Municipality’s Arts & Culture Department and Youth  Council. New this year is a collaboration with BPM college, with students and graduates as active partners on recording and sound. The clips have been shown on HOT Channel 8, and are available on the Indie City YouTube channel.

Indie City Live

Thursday, July 24th: Starting at 19:00, there will be back-to-back performances of this season’s musicians – as soon as one band finishes, the next band will start playing on the opposite stage. Thursday’s bands will include Amir Lev, Yemen Blues, Tiny Fingers and more. Video clips will be screening on surrounding Jerusalem buildings and after the concerts, Echo & Tito will play on into the night with an electronic headphone performance while neighboring bars will host some indie performances not-to-be-missed including Niv Ast, Layla, and the wonderful Betty Bears with a rollicking 20s party!

Friday, July 25th: the good times will start again at 15:00, with Shai Tsabari, Kutiman, Lola Marsh and more…