Last updated July 20th 2014

Never having been shy about voicing my opinions even about highly controversial topics, I am diving in deep with my second post and addressing the issue of gun control.

Just several days ago another innocent victim of a school shooting in the US succumbed to her injuries and died. At a Colorado school not far from the site of one of the most infamous school shootings in US history at Columbine High School, a student was able to enter his school “armed with a shotgun, ammunition strapped to his body, Molotov cocktails and a machete” ( His victim Claire Davis was a completely innocent bystander that this young male student didn’t even know.

When I think about the amount of weaponry that this student brought into his school, I am simply astounded, and my first thoughts go to the fact that this would never happen in Israel. The answer of why not is quite simple: at every school in Israel, an armed security guard sits at every entrance. The basis of this policy goes back in part to the early 2000′s during the beginning of the Second Intifada when Palestinian terrorists literally walked into restaurants, hotels, and stores, blowing themselves up and killing scores of innocent Israelis.

The gun control issue is a hot topic in the States currently, particularly following the horrific school shooting in Newton just over a year ago when six and seven-year-old children were murdered in cold blood. There are many Americans who believe that more gun control laws will fix the situation, and to be honest before seriously considering the situation in Israel, I counted myself among those Americans. While stricter gun control laws could help alleviate the problem, it would far from fix it.

In Israel, many people are in possession of guns because the majority of Israelis serve in the army and because of the well-known security situation here. Despite the numbers, the type of shootings that happen in the US simply don’t happen here. And I believe one of the answers to why these shootings don’t happen is the security guards who sit outside of schools, hotels, bars, malls, etc… These brave people serve as a physical barrier to anyone with weaponry trying to enter a public place with the sole objective of killing innocent civilians.

If there were armed security guards outside of the entrance of every school in the States, I think it is fair to say that the number of school shootings with victims would significantly decrease. The US could add thousands of more jobs to the economy and stop innocent students like Claire with their whole lives ahead of them from being murdered.

In my opinion, it is a win-win situation.