Last updated March 13th 2016

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Last week, we were looking for an African restaurant in Tel Aviv without finding it. While we were walking from the Tahana Merkazit, we stumbled upon this Ethiopian restaurant, behind my street.

Tenat gave me the idea of this blog, mostly because :

1/ You can’t find any infos about it on line.

2/ The menu is only in hebrew.

Tenat is serving veggie and ethiopian food. The main dish is Injera, which looks like a french pancake, but it’s actually ethiopian bread. You can order and share the biggest one, it comes with few different side warm dishes as mashed beans. It is surprisingly plentiful ! We also had the mushrooms Injera which comes with an honey tehina. The mix is nothing less than surprising and tasty. I will try it at home, one day. I ordered the bread dices, with spicy dip on the top. It was also surprising for a french bread lover like me.

You need to know that ethiopian food is eaten with the hands BUT you can ask for cutlery (what we did).

IMPORTANT ! The place doesn’t accept credit cards !

Open : Sun-Thur 11am-11pm, Fri 11am-5pm.
Address : 27 Chelnov St.

Here are some pictures.

Bon appétit !

Injera with mushroomsInjera with mushrooms

IMG_2105Bread dices

IMG_2101Injera for two with dishes