Last updated October 11th 2014

I have been looking for a door sign for our apartment for a long time, but even in a city full of artists nothing really jumped out at me. A door sign is really not a big deal but I wanted ours to not only reflect the style of our apartment, but also to represent us as a couple. I wanted people to feel excited and at the same time calm as soon as they reach our front door, and to immediately feel at home.

Last week I was strolling along the quirky Arts and Crafts Fair on Nahalat Benyamin in Tel Aviv when the door sign I had been searching for all along was suddenly standing right in front of me. The artist was a charming young lady from Japan who had come to Israel to be with her Israeli husband. She had given up her successful career as a Japanese animation artist and was now using Japanese clay to create delicious signs, magnets and jewellery. Immediately I bought the sign and she put our names on it and now we have the perfect entrance to our home :)

Delicious door signDelicious door sign

Nahalat Benyamin Arts and Crafts Fair is open on Tuesdays and Fridays, and is home to over 200 artists, well worth a visit!

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