Last updated March 13th 2016

Sushi is extremely popular in Tel Aviv, almost every street corner has a sushi restaurant. Despite this it’s sometimes hard to find interesting and novel combinations that go above and beyond the standard salmon and avocado maki.

Fu has nailed it. Their sushi is different and fresh and the rice is perfectly cooked. They have different sushi designs such as squares and rice balls and they are not afraid to try daring combinations such as salmon with apple. Whats more, theres plenty of alternative dishes for non-sushi lovers, such as noodle salads and japanese tofu curry, and they’re all delicious!


Delicious salmon apple sashimi at FuDelicious salmon apple sashimi at Fu
Creative sushi at FuCreative sushi at Fu

To top it all off, the restaurant has a cool vibe and the perfect dining terrace for people watching on the streets of Tel Aviv. Fu is a must-go-to restaurant for the sushi lovers among you!

Fu is located at the corner of Dizengoff and Yerimahu Street in Tel Aviv. Check out their website:

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