Last updated July 17th 2016


By The Daily Freier Staff

Last Updated 7/10/2016 at 2:20 PM

Tel Aviv, Rothschild: A potentially positive encounter ended badly last evening due to some unfortunately timed opinions about music.  Local favorites A-WA blend traditional Yemeni tunes with Hip Hop. And like Everyone around here loves them. Well, everyone who wishes to not suffer the fate of one ill informed gentleman. Rothschild-Area Web Designer Tamar B. went on “the date from Hell” earlier this evening with “some idiot” who it turns out “didn’t even like A-WA“.  The Daily Freier got on the Number 4, 104, or 204 Bus and rode south toward the scene of this ongoing crisis.

Tamar described how the events transpired. “So his name is Elan.  We’re getting cocktails in this basement bar off of Rothschild and everything is fine.  He has a job….well he shows up at a start-up most days.  He seems straight…. well straight-ish. But whatever. And then I told him that I was like really really into A-WA these days.  And he just kinda looked at me and said that they ‘didn’t do much for him‘…….Didn’t do much for him……What the hell? Well guess what?  I decided that tonight I wasn’t going to ‘do much’ for him either.

Tamar continued to describe this evening’s traumatic events. “I don’t know about seeing into the future or anything, but the moment he said he didn’t like A-WA, I had this premonition of sitting with him in a living room in Ra’anana 20 years in the future on an IKEA Couch while he drones on and on about “the Montreal Scene” or some other pretentious bullshit….. I really feel like I dodged a bullet tonight.”

Determined not to make the same mistake twice, Elan was last seen on the #5 Sherut listening to Habib Galbi  on his Ipod and trying to sing along to the high notes.