Last updated July 17th 2016

Israeli dating robot will take catfishing to a whole new level Daily Freier Tel Aviv 

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

By Our Resident Mystery Guest Writer

Last Updated 7/13/2016 at 7:30 AM

Tel Aviv: In a city where 99.9% of the single population  are on 4-5 dating apps simultaneously (0.1% just got their phone stolen at Radio), planning and organizing your personal life becomes quite challenging. Swiping 500 pictures while writing היי) היי + emoji if you really liked someone) 100 times a day is so exhausting. Then you have to remember if that was “Vegan Noa that has two dogs and lives in Florentin” or “Sexy Noa that lives on Gordon and does Standup Paddle Board” (completely different mindset and dating approach). What was the name of the guy you just spoke on the phone with? Yoni? Roni? Or maybe Yaniv? No, Yuval! How can I save so many Yuvals, so I won’t get confused?

Have no fear! Yet another ingenious Israeli Start-Up idea will soon change your life. Rivka the Dating Robot will take care of your dating profiles, and it’s much better than just catfishing. Select your preferences: he/she is wearing sunglasses in every picture (= “I’m so cheesy“) : swipe left; pictures with ex (“let me teach you how to crop“) – left; elevator/bathrooms selfies (“what were you thinking?“) – to the left, to the left (Everything you own is in the box to the left). Vegan – yay or nay? Blond, beard, Sabra, Foreign, boobs – it has more options than any Adult site you (might) use.

Let’s say you’ve got sufficient matches  and  you’re ready for a waste of time (AKA “chatting“). Believe us, Rivka the Dating Robot knows how to do it better.  She peeps into previous conversations of your potential date and knows exactly what, how and when to ask (and obviously much more pushy than polite American Siri). Next step – Rivka saves a phone number with a short description, useful advice and the time of your first date. Just put on your flip-flops and you are ready to meet your destiny!