With over 3,400 available jobs on the Secret Tel Aviv Jobs Board, it can sometimes look a little daunting. Here’s our tips on how to get the most out of it…

1. Use the Categories at the top of the page

We’ve got over 60 categories to choose from, mainly focused on hi-tech positions. The categories are split into 9 categories (Sales, Marketing, Account Management, Product, Operations, Data, Engineering, Teacher and Nanny, and Shift Work), and over 50 sub categories (for example, within Sales there is Sales Executive, SDR, Sales Team Leader, Bus Dev,  Sales Operations, and Telesales). Using the categories is the best way to navigate your way around the board. Check them out, head to the Jobs Board home page.

2. Highlighted Jobs and Non Highlighted Jobs

The order of the Jobs on our Jobs Board is determined by two factors – the date the job was added, and whether the job is highlighted or not. We know it’s a little confusing and we apologise for this, but the jobs you see on the first page are not ALL the new jobs added recently, if you scroll down to page four you’ll find loads more amazing new jobs that aren’t highlighted.

What does it mean if a job is highlighted? First of all, it is important to say that we check every job that we add to our board, and we try to make sure that all the jobs that we list are great jobs with awesome companies. Companies can add their jobs for free, and there is an option to pay to highlight the jobs – you’ll find that a lot of the highlighted jobs are urgent positions and are seen as very valuable to the companies.

3. We have two special categories – Entry Level and Junior Tech

You can find Entry Level in the main list of categories; Junior Tech is a sub-category within Engineering. Entry Level are good jobs to earn some money – generally no degree or experience is required, just good people. Junior Tech are jobs that require 0-1 years tech experience – these are great for recent graduates, self-taught coders, and people who have recently completed a Coding Bootcamp.

4. Sign up to our weekly Emails

Every week we send out over 50k Jobs Emails across 10 different distribution lists. These lists align with each of the main categories (sales, marketing etc), plus special emails for writers, designers, and analysts. We use mailchimp, so it’s easy to unsubscribe at any time. Sign up here.

5. Understanding what happens to your cv when you send an application

When you apply for a job on the Secret Tel Aviv Jobs Board, we automatically forward your cv to the employer, either via email or an API. Most companies nowadays use software to assist their recruitment process, which means when you apply for a job your cv will automatically be uploaded to the company’s recruitment CRM system. A couple of things to take into account:

i) Make sure your cv is readable by the software that the companies use. Write your name and contact details clearly in standard text formats – logos of your name will not be read, and clever background graphics will confuse the systems.

ii) Apply through our Jobs Board. There is a common idea that getting a friend to forward your application will increase your chances of getting hired – but at the end of the day all applications end up on the same pile.

iii) Don’t keep applying to the same job. Once you’ve already applied for a job, you are already in their system.

6. Applying for every job does not work

Take the time to research the positions and find the jobs that you are most qualified for – applying for every job does not work. Companies are very specific on their requirements, and don’t spend a lot of time checking applications – if you don’t have what they are looking for they will move on to the next cv.

7. Use the Secret Tel Aviv Best Company Guide to find loads of great companies

We regularly update our Guide to the Best Companies to Work For in Israel. These are all awesome companies, and they are recruiting actively now. It’s a great place to start your job search! Check out our Best Companies Guide!

8. New York and London

There are loads of amazing Israeli companies who have offices in New York and London, and are looking for sales people, account managers, marketing experts, and lots more. If you are in New York or London, or you have friends there who are looking for jobs, check out jobs in New York and London.

You are all set! Head of to the Secret Tel Aviv Jobs Board and start searching and applying today! Good luck!

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