Guest blog by IDC Student Mushki Piha. Mushki is co-author of popular fashion blog The Tznius Stylista.

A fresh breeze, saline water drops sparkling my face, the sun is yet to shine bright and I am taking my daily jog on the Tayelet, the beach boardwalk of Tel Aviv, of the city that never sleeps.

So true. I am a student and I am on a low budget, but so what?! Who said we can’t have the privilege to work out anyways? In fact the beach is filled up with morning joggers; a mother running while pushing a carriage (and there, I tell myself not to look! I mean at the end of the day this woman must have some kind of superpowers😁) or the hot looking grandma walking at high speed, and then the common mortal people like me which are struggling with their desire of running… back to bed (when I think I don’t have the moral support I need to go up the stairs anyways!! 😁). But that’s another story.

Now what I really want to express my feelings for is my next salvation 🙏: The outdoor gym station at the beach. Thus when I say salvation I mean in term of low budgets (it’s FREE!) and of course of making my body a little bit more in shape and ready for the upcoming bikini test (and here I gulp) of this summer.


“Because I am happy clap along if you feel…” This is the song I listen to while I find my way through the different machines in one of the several GYM points along the beach boardwalk. Red, yellow, blue… These colorful structures attract everyday thousands of people from youngsters to elders creating positive energy and diffusing it throughout TLV! Just to inform you, last time I was there I witnessed (I swear I’m not exaggerating) the next bodybuilding world champion! Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but what I want to say here is: not only when you go there you get to do sport, at a free gym, on the beach, breathing good air and practically gaining so many benefits; also you get to watch, even if you are just randomly passing by, formidable performance shows (this is a secret I’m revealing to you women out there;)) find your other half;) be in good company, bonding with friends and generating good vibes.

Good vibes, yes! Cuz these, are the perfect words that better describe TLV’s outdoor gyms outcome. Good vibes, because WE, create them…

10987654_882817381759730_8790954425624295400_oGuest blog by IDC Student Mushki Piha. Mushki is co-author of popular fashion blog The Tznius Stylista.



Featured image is a Picture of Outdoor Fitness Israel working out on the outdoor gyms.

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