Last updated November 24th 2014

Everyone loves free things- especially Israeli’s. Four former and current IDC Herzeliya students decided it was time to give the people what they want. From Venezuela, New York, Belgium and Israel, the entrepreneurs came together to expand a successful American company in Israel’s media space market. Terraboost Media, a multinational company with a mission focused on spreading awareness of proper hygiene for the public, has single-handedly brought clean hands to Israel while providing companies a chance to advertise. 852A8620

Within six months, Terraboost media has become a new one of a kind media platform, promoting good hygiene habits and allowing companies to reach customers in a unique, sophisticated and healthy way. Reaching over three million people on a monthly basis in Israel, the company’s approach aims to make hand sanitizer accessible while providing advertisement for companies through an interactive platform. Among the companies that have advertised with Terraboost are prestigious names in the advertising industry, such as Samsung, McLaren, Car2go, Sides and more.


The young entrepreneurs, Yossi Milhem, David Jacobi, Gal Butbika and Dudu Koren, found out about the global company’s mission and knew they wanted to spread the word on the importance of hygiene habits while establishing an innovative way to execute advertising. This attractive and sleek dispenser with a 19-inch flat screen is an international patented product. It provides advertising space connected with a hand-sanitizing dispenser that is mounted throughout prime locations all over Israel. They are now distributed in over 90 exclusive locations stretching from the north in Caesarea to the south in Beer Sheva. The elite Terraboost dispensers can be found in gyms, malls, widely acclaimed supermarkets and will be expanding to universities, office buildings, food chains, and gas stations in the near future.


“Here, people come to us,” says Milhem, “It’s the only media platform in Israel that does that and doesn’t need to push the advertising onto people. The luxurious product draws people in on its own. It’s completely different from any other kind of advertising technique.”


By integrating the sleek flat screens into the product, the entrepreneurs managed to keep the idea young and fresh alongside Israel’s flourishing tech scene. The digital LED motional screen is eye-catching to anyone who approaches or is in sight of the product. The machine itself innovatively allows for physical interaction with the advertisements, by effectively attracting users to come use the free service, maintain their hygiene habits and become directly exposed to an advertisement.

The approach Terraboost takes on advertising is not only mutually beneficial for customers and companies, but also successful. Having used this Israeli-based gel product, during the month of September alone, 600,000 Israeli’s were in contact with the Terraboost hand sanitizer dispensers. The young entrepreneurs behind the machines have proven that advertising can be fun while spreading awareness along the way.

Thanks a lot to the Terraboost team! You can see Yossi Milhem in person at this year’s Secret Tel Aviv Olim Expo on 27th and 28th of November 2014 at the Dizengoff Centre.

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This article was written by Tanya Loss.