We’ve just had a sneak peek (and taste) of Tel Aviv’s newest Street Food Market… Shuk Rothschild Allenby Shuk… and we’re happy to give it a big thumbs up!

Following hot on the heels of the Sarona Food Market and Shuk HaTzafon, the Rothschild Allenby Shuk opens in a few days. Here’s some of our favourite things about it:

1. The Location! It’s on the corner of Rothschild and Allenby, in Tel Aviv’s most up-and-coming area!

2. It’s open 7 days a week!

3. It’s open in the evening, a great place to stop and get some munchies after a long night on the town! Coming soon there’s going to be live music and shows.

4. Some of our old favourites are going to be there, including Bunny Chow (get a free drink with your meal with the Secret Tel Aviv VIP Card) and HaMalabiya.

5. Some cool new additions to the Tel Aviv street food scene, including Mexico City and Chipsea Kings (what an awesome name!).

6. Plus some cool fresh food shops, including Master Fish and a fruit and veg stand – great for shabbat shopping!








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The Rothschild Allenby Shuk is two minutes away from our favourite hostel Abraham Hostel, where we are going to be hosting the free Secret Tel Aviv Jobs + Education Fair on February 10th… come and meet some cool companies and then grab a bite to eat in the new food market!

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